Treating yourself to a relaxing experience at any time of the day is the best solution to eliminate stress and increase your psychophysical well-being.

Aqadecor gives you the opportunity to recreate a complete Spa in your personal bathroom, making its customers experience a unique 360° pleasure.

A wide range of solutions for your Private Wellness.

Spa in the house: Hot tubs

Suitable for both outdoor and indoor environments such as on the terrace, garden or directly inside your home, the hot tubs are designed for those who want to relax with a nice hot bath, often accompanied by an efficient whirlpool.

These solutions are often followed by audio systems, aromatherapy systems and chromotherapy sets that ensure a high level of multisensory comfort.

The hot tubs may come in squared, round or rectangular shapes and vary according to the different coatings: more elegant for wood, more modern in eco-leather. This product is manufactured with ultra-resistant material, especially for outdoor installation mini-pools that have to resist the force of bad weather.

The brand present for this category of products is Jacuzzi, world leader in the sector that offers a wide range of types of mini-pools. At the moment the best-selling collection is the Swim Spa which allows you to maintain and regain your physical shape thanks to a highly technological system that allows you to swim against the current, like in a real pool.

Spa in the house: Sauna and Hammam

To eliminate nervous tension and to acquire general relaxation, Saunas and Hammam are the solutions for you.

The sauna gives off sources of dry heat that help the skin to breathe while promoting the rapid recovery of muscle trauma and detoxifying the skin from all impurities by deeply cleaning the epidermis.

The Hammam, also known as “Turkish bath”, is a wet steam bath that purifies the skin thanks to the high temperatures. Like the sauna, the Turkish bath has numerous benefits for the body. The steam causes vasodilation which facilitates the expulsion of toxins through the skin, lungs and kidneys.

Hafro Geromin is the main brands for these types of products that offer a wide range of stylistic and functional variants, divided into collections such as Olimpo, Ethos, Cuna, Sasha, Sanctuary and many others.

Spa in the house: Emotional showers

Aromatherapy, hydrotherapy and chromotherapy are the three main functions of emotional showers that stimulate body and mind and transform accumulated stress into relaxation and energy.

The secret of the effectiveness of this product is the balanced combination of colors, scents and the more or less incisive caress of the water that make you live a real sensory experience, going far beyond a simple shower.

Gessi, an Italian brand of excellence in the sector, is the main brand on our site for this product category.Minimali, Color and Afìlo are the main collections, which are characterized by a refined aesthetic combined with functionality and high technology.

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  1. Gessi Afilo 57601+57018 Shower system + cover
    As low as €2,595.00
  2. Gessi Afilo 57603+57018 Shower system + cover
    As low as €2,496.00
  3. Gessi Afilo 57301+57002 Shower system + cover
    As low as €2,592.00
  4. Gessi Afilo 57303+57002 Shower system + cover
    As low as €2,503.00
  5. Gessi Afilo 57305+57004 Shower system + cover
    As low as €2,681.00
  6. Gessi Afilo 57307+57004 Shower system + cover
    As low as €2,581.00
  7. Gessi Afilo 57401+57006 Shower system + cover
    As low as €3,082.00
  8. Gessi Afilo 57403+57006 Shower system + cover
    As low as €2,982.00
  9. Gessi Afilo 57409+57010 Multifunction system + cover
    As low as €3,250.00
  10. Gessi Afilo 57411+57010 Multifunction system + cover
    As low as €3,150.00
  11. Gessi Afilo 57501+57012 Shower system + cover
    As low as €3,387.00
  12. Gessi Afilo 57503+57012 Shower system + cover
    As low as €3,297.00
  13. Gessi Afilo 57509+57016 Shower system + cover
    As low as €3,554.00
  14. Gessi Afilo 57511+57016 Multifunction system + cover
    As low as €3,466.00
  15. Gessi Colour 57827+57876 Shower system + Cover
  16. Gessi Colour 57927+57977 Multifunction system + cover
  17. Gessi Colour 57823+57879 Shower system + cover
  18. Gessi Colour 57929+57980 Multifunction system + cover
  19. Gessi Inciso Wellness 57903+57973 Shower system + cover
  20. Gessi Inciso Wellness 57909+57975 Multifunction system + cover
  21. Hafro Ethos SET70107 Turkish Bath + Shower + Shower Area + Sauna
    As low as €32,785.90 Regular Price €46,837.00
  22. Hafro Ethos SET40097 Turkish Bath + Shower + Sauna
    As low as €30,661.40 Regular Price €43,802.00
  23. Hafro Ethos SET50064 Sauna + Shower Area
    As low as €19,247.20 Regular Price €27,496.00
  24. Hafro Ethos SET20011-1S013 Turkish Bath + Shower
    As low as €16,081.10 Regular Price €22,973.00
  25. Hafro Ethos L SEL40011 Turkish Bath + Shower + Sauna
    Special Price €21,112.70 Regular Price €30,161.00
  26. Zucchetti Kos 9S2TBIREBIO Outdoor Minipool
  27. Cea Design AQC01 Showerhead
    As low as €2,910.40 Regular Price €3,638.00
  28. Cea Design AQC06 Showerhead
    As low as €3,825.60 Regular Price €4,782.00
  29. Cea Design AQC09 Showerhead
    As low as €4,646.40 Regular Price €5,808.00
  30. Hafro Olimpo SET20011 Turkish Bath + Shower + Bathtub
    As low as €16,081.10 Regular Price €22,973.00
  31. Hafro Ghibli SGH10014 Sauna
    As low as €11,789.40 Regular Price €16,842.00
  32. Hafro Ghibli SGH20011 Turkish Bath
    As low as €17,280.20 Regular Price €24,686.00
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