Gessi was born in 1992 from a small workshop and in a short time became one of the references of the Made in Italy faucets. Thanks to a clear corporate vision and oriented to create high-level products, Gessi begins to collaborate with the best Italian and international designers, creating the concept of "bathroom": taps and shower heads design create a unique environment where you can relax and recharge your efforts.

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Gessi embodies the most genuine and authentic Made in Italy; the one that brings to every corner of the globe, embedded in its products, the Italian culture for beauty, design, and taste for living.

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Gessi is an Italian brand that embodies elegance and innovation in the luxury tap sector. Founded in 1992 by Umberto Gessi, the company quickly established itself as a benchmark in the design and production of taps and bathroom accessories.

What sets Gessi apart is its attention to detail and passion for sophisticated aesthetics. Each Gessi faucet is a fusion of contemporary design and traditional craftsmanship, with fine materials and impeccable finishes. Each piece is designed to create an experience of luxury and beauty in every environment in which it is used.

Gessi is also a brand committed to sustainability. The company adopts cutting-edge technologies to reduce environmental impact, using eco-friendly materials and promoting energy efficiency in production. Gessi is also committed to conserving water resources, designing taps that offer optimised water flow without compromising quality.

With its unique style and dedication to innovation, Gessi has won over an international clientele of design lovers, architects and interior designers. Gessi products can be found in prestigious private residences, luxury hotels and exclusive spaces around the world.

In short, Gessi represents timeless elegance in the world of luxury faucets. Each piece is a work of art that combines aesthetics, functionality and sustainability. With its refined design and quality craftsmanship, Gessi is a brand that transforms the bathroom into an environment of luxury and well-being.

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  1. Gessi Goccia 33842+09269 Thermostatic Shower Mixer + Recessed Part
    As low as €648.00
  2. Gessi Goccia 33844+09269 Thermostatic Shower Mixer + Recessed Part
    As low as €648.00
  3. Gessi Goccia 33846+09269 Thermostatic Shower Mixer + Recessed Part
    As low as €648.00
  4. Gessi Goccia 33754 Anti-limestone Hand Shower
    As low as €104.00
  5. Gessi Goccia Accessories 38001 Soap Holder
    As low as €139.00
  6. Gessi Goccia Accessories 38002 Soap Holder
    As low as €139.00
  7. Gessi Goccia Accessories 38013 Dispenser
    As low as €231.00
  8. Gessi Goccia Accessories 38019 Brush Holder
    As low as €200.00
  9. Gessi Goccia Accessories 38025 Soap Holder
    As low as €64.00
  10. Gessi Goccia Accessories 38037 Dispenser
    As low as €166.00
  11. Gessi Goccia Accessories 38043 Brush Holder
    As low as €132.00
  12. Gessi Goccia Accessories 38049 Paper Holder
    As low as €256.00
  13. Gessi Goccia Accessories 38067 Paper Holder and Brush Holder
    As low as €398.00
  14. Gessi Goccia Accessories 38144 Towel Holder
    As low as €479.00
  15. Gessi Goccia Accessories 38142 Towel Holder
    As low as €479.00
  16. Gessi Goccia Accessories 38097 Towel Holder
    As low as €134.00
  17. Gessi Goccia Accessories 38100 Towel Holder
    As low as €181.00
  18. Gessi Goccia Accessories 38103 Towel Holder
    As low as €200.00
  19. Gessi Goccia Accessories 38109 Towel Holder
    As low as €135.00
  20. Gessi Goccia Accessories 38121 Wall Hanger
    As low as €60.00
  21. Gessi Goccia Accessories 38188 Mirror
    As low as €460.00
  22. Gessi Goccia Accessories 38181 Pouf
    As low as €600.00
  23. Gessi Goccia Total Look 39123 Countertop Basin
    As low as €659.00
  24. Gessi Goccia Total Look 39133 Countertop Basin
    As low as €802.00
  25. Gessi Cono 45002 Single Lever Basin Faucet
    As low as €331.00
  26. Gessi Cono 45001 Single Lever Basin Faucet
    As low as €318.00
  27. Gessi Cono 45088+45097 Single Lever Basin Faucet + Recessed Part
    As low as €569.00
  28. Gessi Cono 45093 Basin Faucet
    As low as €288.00
  29. Gessi Cono 45099 Basin Faucet
    As low as €634.00
  30. Gessi Cono 45199 Basin Faucet
    As low as €824.00
  31. Gessi Cono 45010 Remote Control
    As low as €183.00
  32. Gessi Cono 45054+33745 Basin Mixer + Recessed Part
    As low as €436.00
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