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Countertop Basins

The basin is the undisputed protagonist of the bathroom area. From a purely functional object, in recent years it has become an object of study and experimentation in the field of design and furnishing. Many designers and architects, in fact, have turned the basin upside down with new features and details that have made it more modern and elegant and placed it in classic and daring stylistic contexts, so as to arouse interest in the many ways it can be used and the various contexts in which it could still be an excellent purchase.
It is from the washbasin that the design of a bathroom is determined: modern, classic, vintage, minimal, etc.

Countertop basins are placed directly on the furniture, unlike suspended or recessed basins, and are the ideal choice for bathrooms with a modern, innovative style or minimal-chic décor. Rectangular shapes are more suited to more traditional bathrooms, while rounded and sinuous shapes are perfect for a contemporary and modern style. The design choice also falls on the overflow of a basin; if a basin does not have one, its design will be much more minimalist, while if it does, the design will be much more traditional.

Aqadecor's experience in the field of designer bathroom furniture has allowed it to choose only the best of Made in Italy for basins, such as the brands Agape, Antonio Lupi, Boffi, Cielo, Falper, Gessi, Glass Design, Planit, Artceram, Flaminia and Rexa.

  1. Cielo SHUI SHLAA Countertop Basin
    As low as €219.00
  2. Cielo SHUI SHBA Countertop Basin
    As low as €268.00
  3. Cielo SHUI SHBA45 Countertop Basin
    As low as €340.00
  4. Cielo SHUI SHLAA Wall Mounted / Countertop Basin
    As low as €886.00
  5. Cielo Opera OPLA52 wall mounted or countertop basin
  6. Cielo Opera OPC100 wall mounted or countertop basin
  7. Cielo SMILE SMLA48 Countertop / Semi-recessed / Wall Mounted Basin
    As low as €352.00
  8. Artceram Cognac 35 COL004 Countertop Basin
  9. Agape Bjhon 1 ACER1083 Countertop Basin
    As low as €950.00
  10. Agape Bjhon 2 ACER1084 Countertop Basin
    As low as €1,544.00
  11. Agape Carrara ACER0730P Countertop Basin
    As low as €3,407.00
  12. Agape Drop ACER1098 Countertop Basin
    As low as €1,317.00
  13. Agape Nivis ACER0763P0 Countertop Basin
    As low as €1,268.00
  14. Agape Normal ACER0797Z Countertop Basin
  15. Agape Sen ASEN0957N Single hole basin faucet
  16. Cielo SHUI COMFORT SHCOLAR60 Countertop Basin
    As low as €466.00
  17. Cielo SHUI COMFORT SHCOLAQ40 Countertop Basin
    As low as €371.00
  18. Cielo SHUI COMFORT SHCOLAO60 Countertop Basin
    As low as €446.00
  19. Cielo SHUI COMFORT SHCOLAT40 Countertop Basin
    As low as €357.00
  20. Flaminia Miniwash MWL48 Countertop / Suspended Basin
  21. Flaminia Dip DP481 Countertop/Suspended Basin
  22. Flaminia DP482 Countertop/Suspended Basin
  23. Flaminia Nuda 5081 Countertop/Suspended Basin
  24. Flaminia Nuda 5082 Countertop/Suspended Basin
  25. Flaminia Fonte Fontana FN50L Countertop Basin
  26. Flaminia VD60L Countertop / Suspended Basin
  27. Flaminia Void VD44L Countertop / Suspended Basin
  28. Planit Concave 2 J12 0010 Countertop Basin
  29. Planit Libra 6 J45 0005 Countertop Basin
  30. Planit Libra 7 J45 0010 Countertop Basin
  31. Planit Libra 8 J45 0015 Countertop Basin
  32. Planit Libra 9 J45 0020 Countertop Basin