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Bathroom Furniture

Decorate your bathroom with us! Aqadecor offers functional, innovative and stylish solutions.

Our products are present in different shapes and materials that are able to guarantee practicality and beauty.

Bathroom furniture: Bathroom furniture, shelves and wall units

Bathroom furniture is the main product of the bathroom furniture sector and allow the customization of this space. The first evaluation that must be made, when buying this product, is the size related to its positioning: you always try to make use of as much space as possible, making all areas of the bathroom 100% usable.

The furniture for washbasins is the product par excellence of this category. They are able to give the environment that distinctive mark, this way making it unique. The types of products vary from the countertop or built-in washbasin top to the furniture with drawers, all available in wood, glass or other eco-sustainable, quality and super innovative materials.

Shelves and wall units help to make your bathroom tidy, functional and efficient thanks to the different compartments. They are available in different finishes and materials that lets you choose the desired effect to your bathroom.

Agape, Antonio Lupi, Flaminia, Zucchetti, Planit, Gessi and others are the brands of excellence in the sector that have a wide variety of models and collections to choose from.

Bathroom furniture: how to choose the perfect mirror

The mirror can be considered "the jewel" of a bathroom furniture. The choice of this product is not difficult because it is very much associated with the style you want to create in your bathroom: i.e. the rectangular mirror is more suitable for a modern style bathroom with the presence of washbasins or sanitary fixtures with a squarer shape. On the other hand, a round mirror could be associated with rounded bathroom furniture elements, with either a classic or contemporary style. Mirrors should be associated with good lighting that is often integrated within it.

Artceram, Glass Design, Boffi, Cielo, Gessi, Flaminia and Agape, represent the best brands for this category. On our website, you can find all the models of the collections of these brands that will satisfy your every need.

  1. Gessi Goccia Total Look 39153 Mirror
    As low as €794.00
  2. Antonio Lupi Vario VARIO50W Mirror
  3. Antonio Lupi Bespoke BSK50W Mirror
  4. Antonio Lupi Bespoke BSK210W54 Mirror
  5. Antonio Lupi PERIPLO Mirror
    As low as €608.00
  6. Agape Bucatini ABUC0178L Mirror
  7. Agape Bucatini ABUC0178N Mirror
  8. Agape Gabbiano AGAB0351 Rectangular Mirror
  9. Flaminia Make-Up MKS100 Reversible Mirror
  10. Flaminia Make-Up MKS50 Reversible Mirror
  11. Flaminia Make-Up MKS501 Mirror
  12. Artceram Barocca ACS001 Framed Mirror
  13. Artceram Italiana ACS002 Framed Mirror
  14. Artceram Vela ACS003 Framed Mirror
  15. Artceram Stone ACS004 Set 3 Mirrors
  16. Antonio Lupi Edison EDISON50W Mirror
  17. Antonio Lupi Circus Sunrise CIRCUS180 Mirror
    As low as €2,113.00
  18. Antonio Lupi Atelier ATILM254+SLIM Large drawer basin unit
  19. Antonio Lupi Beskope KE1136 Right or left cabinet
  20. Antonio Lupi Beskope KE1436 Right or left cabinet
  21. Antonio Lupi Beskope KE1736 Right or left cabinet
  22. Antonio Lupi Beskope KE2036 Right or left cabinet
  23. Antonio Lupi Beskope KE3172 Cabinet
  24. Antonio Lupi Beskope KE3472 Cabinet
  25. Cielo Elio SPELCLDX container mirror right version
  26. Cielo Eos SPEOL oval mirror with light
  27. Cielo Eos C SPEOML mirror with shelf
  28. Cielo ELLE TONDA 2 Tonda Composition
  29. Cielo PLINIO Composition
  30. Cielo Modulo Composition
  31. Agape Constellation ACOM0300 Mirror
  32. Flaminia Box BX211R Suspended Wall Unit