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Mirrors, in any domestic environment, make the protagonists the people who live there, the objects and the spaces, thanks to the play of reflections that can make your environment more decorated or even give a sense of added depth.
Mirrors are very often used to fill a room that perhaps had a sense of emptiness, so it is very important to choose a designer mirror, which are jewels with shiny finishes and precious materials, to decorate your wall.

In recent years designers have also dedicated themselves to renewing mirrors as a furnishing and useful element. In fact, in addition to the choice and variety of frames, they have added integrated lighting or even containers, so as to create more space and have everything at hand.

Aqadecor's experience in the field of designer bathroom furniture has allowed it to choose only the best of Made in Italy for mirrors and mirror units, such as the brands Agape, Antonio Lupi, Artceram, Boffi, Cielo, Flaminia, Gessi and Glass Desgin.

  1. Agape Bucatini ABUC0178L Mirror
  2. Agape Bucatini ABUC0178N Mirror
  3. Agape Gabbiano AGAB0351 Rectangular Mirror
  4. Flaminia Make-Up MKS100 Reversible Mirror
  5. Flaminia Make-Up MKS50 Reversible Mirror
  6. Flaminia Make-Up MKS501 Mirror
  7. Artceram Stone ACS004 Set 3 Mirrors
  8. Cielo Elio SPELCLDX container mirror right version
  9. Cielo Eos SPEOL oval mirror with light
  10. Cielo Eos C SPEOML mirror with shelf
  11. Agape Constellation ACOM0300 Mirror
  12. Flaminia Hot/Cold SPHC Mirror
  13. Flaminia Simple 120 NDS120D Mirror
  14. Agape Revolving Moon ASPE039 Mirror
  15. Boffi Ledline OLBA001 Horizontal Mirror
  16. Boffi Ledline Reversible mirror OLBB001
  17. Boffi WK6 OMAR11 Customer-Sized Mirror
  18. Boffi WK6 OMAR04 Mirror Fixed Size
  19. Boffi WK6 OMAL02 Mirror with LED bar
  20. Boffi WK6 OMAD01 mirror with double led bar
  21. Boffi Square OSAC05 Container Mirror
  22. Boffi Index OIAB01 Double Sided Mirror
  23. Boffi Veneziana OVMC01 Mirror
  24. Boffi Veneziana OVMC04 Mirror to costumer size
  25. Boffi Lotus OKAT07 Backlit Mirror
  26. Boffi SP14 OQAL01 Mirror backlit
  27. Boffi SP14 OQAL04 Backlit mirror
  28. Artceram Arco 90 ACS012 Bathroom Mirror
  29. Artceram Semiarco 90 ACS013 Bathroom Mirror
  30. Artceram Arco 120 ACS014 Bathroom Mirror
  31. Glass Design Specchio Tondo Metropole FLOMIRROMWT Round Mirror
  32. Glass Design Specchio Rettangolare MIRRETBO Rectangular Mirror