Personal care is essential for the human being. For this reason, you need to choose a shower system that is not only practical and functional but also aesthetically impeccable.

The shower is the perfect solution for all types of bathrooms, especially for small ones. Furthermore, you can choose between the different types of this product to optimize space.

Shower: how to compose the shower of your dreams

Showers are available in many versions: in fact, the main feature is its being highly customisable so to meet every need and taste.

Shower box

The most popular types of shower boxes are those with sliding doors, where the windows can be designed in both linear and curved shapes. In this way they are able to adapt very well in all spaces, even in the most confined ones. Another type is the walk-in shower, which features a single large side tempered glass panel flanked by a ceramic shower tray.

Very often, the showers are placed in the centre of bedrooms, becoming a real luxury, elegant and sophisticated piece of furniture.


The showerheads are the component that characterizes every shower system. The types vary from linear ones with metallic and glossy finishes that are especially suited to modern style environments, to those with warmer colours and materials such as brass that are used for retro-style bathrooms.

Shower plates

Besides the glass for the shower cubicle, the other element that can be customized in size is the shower tray. The most used material for this element is ceramic, mainly present in the glossy white finish. Another material for the realization of the shower tray is resin: extremely resistant, it is used above all for walk-in installations, which gives a modern look to all types of bathrooms.

Shower: the best brands

Aqadecor offers products from the best brands. The collections are signed Bossini, Cea Design, Antonio Lupi and Gessi, which offer products that give the pleasure of having a shower that is always impeccable and unique in its kind.

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  1. Agape Sen ASEN0973N Showerhead
    Special Price €931.32 Regular Price €1,194.00
  2. Bossini Dream XL WI0373 Showerhead
    Special Price €7,991.76 Regular Price €11,928.00
  3. Bossini Dream XL WI0372 Showerhead
    Special Price €6,689.28 Regular Price €9,984.00
  4. Bossini Dream XL WI0374 Showerhead
    Special Price €7,991.76 Regular Price €11,928.00
  5. Bossini Dream XL WI0383 Showerhead
    Special Price €7,037.68 Regular Price €10,504.00
  6. Bossini Dream XL WI0382 Showerhead
    Special Price €5,735.20 Regular Price €8,560.00
  7. Bossini Dream XL WI0384 Showerhead
    Special Price €6,107.05 Regular Price €9,115.00
  8. Bossini Dream 2 H38905 Showerhead
    Special Price €2,015.36 Regular Price €3,008.00
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