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The bathroom accessories are essential elements for a functional bathroom. These products should not only look good, but also guarantee efficiency standards that facilitate the daily life.

Accessories: how to choose the right ones for your bathroom

To make basins more appealing, Aqadecor offers a wide range of soap holders with linear-looking dispenser and toothbrush holders. All of these products are available in glossy or satin finishes, which give a modern touch of to the environment.

In addition to sanitaries, you can find toilet paper holders made of highly resistant AISI 304 stainless steel, these too available in glossy or matte finishes. Many models can also have a part consisting of an integrated hand shower, which double function makes this product highly efficient and technological.

Accessories: Made in Italy brands of excellence

Gessi and Antonio Lupi are the two Made in Italy brands on the site that guarantee high quality levels of product materials, making them highly resistant to the humidity that is created in the bathroom.

  1. Antonio Lupi INTENSO Hydro Brush
    As low as €1,054.00
  2. Antonio Lupi CARTAINTENSO Hydro Brush and Paper Roll Holder
    As low as €1,290.00
  3. Antonio Lupi BRIDGE BRIDGE10 Soap dispenser
  4. Antonio Lupi Sesamo SESAMO4 Toilet paper holder
  5. Antonio Lupi Sesamo SESAMO2 Dispenser holder or brush holder
  6. Antonio Lupi Sesamo SESAMO3 Double dispenser holder or brush holder
  7. Antonio Lupi Sesamo SESAMO6 Toilet brush holder
  8. Antonio Lupi Play PLAY113 Toilet brush holder
  9. Antonio Lupi Tape TAPE101 Soap dispenser
  10. Antonio Lupi Tape TAPE102 Cup
  11. Antonio Lupi Tandem-Up Double paper towel holder
  12. Antonio Lupi Tandem TANDEMSA Double paper towel holder
  13. Boffi RL11 KERSV01 Towel Holder
  14. Gessi Eleganza Accessories 46419 Brush Holder
    As low as €477.00
  15. Gessi Eleganza Accessories 46437 Dispenser
    As low as €395.00
  16. Gessi Eleganza Accessories 46443 Brush Holder
    As low as €363.00
  17. Gessi Eleganza Accessories 46449 Paper Holder
    As low as €498.00
  18. Gessi Inciso Accessories 58501 Soap Holder
    As low as €280.00
  19. Gessi Inciso Accessories 58513 Dispenser
    As low as €495.00
  20. Gessi Inciso Accessories 58519 Brush Holder
    As low as €432.00
  21. Gessi Inciso Accessories 58525 Soap Holder
    As low as €200.00
  22. Gessi Inciso Accessories 58537 Dispenser
    As low as €433.00
  23. Gessi Inciso Accessories 58543 Brush Holder
    As low as €357.00
  24. Gessi Inciso Accessories 58455 Paper Holder
    As low as €251.00
  25. Gessi Inciso Accessories 58497 Towel Holder
    As low as €341.00
  26. Gessi Inciso Accessories 58509 Towel Holder
    As low as €211.00
  27. Gessi Rettangolo Accessories 20801 Soap Holder
    As low as €263.00
  28. Gessi Rettangolo Accessories 20807 Dispenser Holder
    As low as €263.00
  29. Gessi Rettangolo Accessories 20810 Dispenser Holder
    As low as €277.00
  30. Gessi Rettangolo Accessories 20813 Dispenser
    As low as €383.00
  31. Gessi Rettangolo Accessories 20819 Brush Holder
    As low as €414.00
  32. Gessi Rettangolo Accessories 20825 Soap Holder
    As low as €177.00