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Freestanding Basins

Placed directly on the floor, the freestanding basin has total flexibility in positioning within the bathroom as it can also be installed in the middle of the room, becoming a true sculptural element on which to focus attention. It can also be fitted with freestanding faucets. For its correct installation it is important to have a floor drain, hidden underneath, as well as a fairly large room.

The materials used for freestanding basins make it a real element of elegance and strong aesthetic impact, since not only ceramic is used, but brands such as Antonio Lupi, Rexa or Falper also use stone or glass to give it an even more stunning aesthetic impact.

On Aqadecor a wide selection of the best Made in Italy brands of sink taps in available, including Agape, Antonio Lupi, Cielo, Falper, Gessi, Planit, Artceram and Flaminia.

  1. Cielo Legiale LGFREE Freestanding Basin
  2. Cielo SHUI SHFREEC Freestanding / Wall Mounted Basin
    As low as €1,393.00
  3. Agape Bjhon 1 ACER1081M Freestanding Basin
    As low as €2,904.00
  4. Agape Bjhon 2 ACER1082M Freestanding Basin
    As low as €3,149.00
  5. Agape Bjhon 2 ACER1082F Freestanding Basin
    As low as €3,003.00
  6. Agape Drop ACER1099M Freestanding Basin
    As low as €2,280.00
  7. Agape Lito 1 ACER0731 Freestanding Basin
  8. Agape Lito 2 ACER0732 Freestanding Basin
    As low as €9,900.00
  9. Agape Lito 3 ACER0733 Freestanding Basin
  10. Agape Nivis ACER0763FM0 Freestanding Basin
    As low as €3,027.00
  11. Agape Pear C ACER0896M Freestanding Basin
    As low as €2,811.00
  12. Agape Vieques ACER0798M Freestanding Basin
    As low as €2,693.00
  13. Flaminia Fonte Fontana FN70L+FN70C Countertop Basin + Basin Column
  14. Artceram Hermitage HEL002+HEC002 Freestanding Basin
  15. Flaminia Monowash MW40P Freestanding Basin
  16. Artceram Cup OSL004 Freestanding Basin
  17. Artceram Sharp OLS008 Freestanding Basin
  18. Artceram Hermitage HEL005+HEA016 Wall Mounted Basin + Structure
  19. Artceram Hermitage HEL004+HEA017 Wall Mounted Basin + Structure
  20. Cielo Fluid FLFREEC freestanding basin
  21. Cielo FLUID FLFREEP freestanding wall mount basin
  22. Planit Trench 1 J08 0005 Freestanding Basin
  23. Flaminia Bonola BN46A Countertop/On Column Basin
  24. Flaminia Monoroll MR44C Freestanding Basin
  25. Artceram Atelier ATL001+ACA058 Basin + Structure
  26. Artceram Fuori Scala TFL032+ACA054 Basin + Structure
  27. Artceram Fuori Scala TFL033+ACA055 Basin + Structure
  28. Artceram Fuori Scala TFL034+ACA056 Basin + Structure
  29. Artceram Fuori Scala TFL035+ACA057 Basin + Structure
  30. Gessi Cono Total Look 45911 Freestanding Basin
  31. Gessi Cono Total Look 45913 Freestanding Basin
  32. Gessi Cono Total Look 45915 Freestanding Basin