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The shower head is technically the end part of a shower column, where the water comes out.
Overhead showers have an infinite number of features, all characterised by their type, shape, material and type of installation.
Starting from the types, we have different ways in which the water jet can flow over the person's body: raindrop, a gentle and distributed jet; cascade, more energetic and concentrated; mist, or the use of water particles that make the experience much softer and more relaxing.

The shapes characterise the style of the shower head: round, rectangular, oval, square; different types of shapes to best suit your shower enclosure.

The materials used are many, but the most widely used is certainly stainless steel, a material that remains unaltered even with continuous contact with water. Another material that can be used is PVC, which is very resistant to temperature variations and humidity. Brass and aluminium are used for the different finishes from polished to satin, but also the different colours that can be used.

The dimensions can vary greatly depending on the type of installation. If the shower head is mounted on a rising and falling pole, it cannot be very large, but if it is wall or ceiling mounted with recessed parts, the dimensions of the shower heads can be as much as one metre and can cover any shower cubicle.

Aqadecor's experience in the field of designer bathroom furnishings has allowed it to choose only the best of Made in Italy for showerheads, such as the brands Agape, Antonio Lupi, Boffi, Bongio, Bossini, Fantini, Flaminia, Gessi, Rexa, Ritmonio and Zucchetti.

  1. Bongio Time 2020 14889CR00 Round Showerhead
  2. Bossini Dream XL WI0373 Showerhead
  3. Bossini Dream XL WI0372 Showerhead
  4. Bossini Dream XL WI0374 Showerhead
  5. Bossini Dream XL WI0383 Showerhead
  6. Bossini Dream XL WI0382 Showerhead
  7. Bossini Dream XL WI0384 Showerhead
  8. Bossini Dream 2 H38905 Showerhead
  9. Bossini Dream 2 H38906 Showerhead
  10. Bossini Dream 3 H38907 Showerhead
  11. Bossini Dream 4 H38908 Showerhead
  12. Bossini Dream 4 H38909 Showerhead
  13. Bossini Dream 2 H38915 Showerhead
  14. Bossini Dream 2 H38916 Showerhead
  15. Bossini Dream 3 H38917 Showerhead
  16. Bossini Dream 4 H38918 Showerhead
  17. Bossini Dream 4 H38919 Showerhead
  18. Bossini Dream 2 H38925 Showerhead
  19. Bossini Dream 2 H38926 Showerhead
  20. Bossini Dream 3 H38927 Showerhead
  21. Bossini Dream 4 H38928 Showerhead
  22. Bossini Dream 4 H38929 Showerhead
  23. Bossini Dream Neb H38661 Showerhead
  24. Bossini Dream Neb H38671 Showerhead
  25. Bossini Dream Neb H38657 Showerhead
  26. Bossini Dream Rectangular H37455 Showerhead
  27. Bossini Dream Cube H37456 Showerhead
  28. Bossini Dream Oki H37457 Showerhead
  29. Bossini Dream Rectangular H37395 Showerhead
  30. Bossini Dream Cube H37453 Showerhead
  31. Bossini Dream Oki H37454 Showerhead
  32. Bossini Dream Rectangular H38391 Showerhead