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Bidet Faucets

Bidet taps have become, together with all bathroom faucets, more and more updated and avant-garde. Sustainability, accessibility and functionality are the keywords pursued by the research. In this way it was possible to obtain bidet mixers with flow limiter, or with sensors for the automatic opening and closing of the flow, so to meet everyone's needs.

Furthermore, the aesthetic contribution of bidet taps should not be underestimated. Coordinated with the basin faucet and the shower or bathtub taps, the bidet mixer will help to recreate the allure in your bathroom you want to recreate. For example, a classic style bathroom furniture will favour a three-hole bidet faucet, even better if combined with star knobs to give a retro look to the environment. Similarly, a single-lever mixer with a glossy chrome finish with a linear look will be preferred for a modern style bathroom.

Aqadecor offers a wide choice of stainless steel taps or brass mixers from the best brands, such as Gessi, Antonio Lupi, Cea, Zucchetti, Ritmonio, Nicolazzi, Fantini.

  1. Gessi Via Manzoni 38607 Single Lever Bidet Faucet
    As low as €266.00
  2. Nicolazzi Moderno 2237_87 Bidet Faucet
  3. Nicolazzi Moderno 3003_35 Single Lever Bidet Faucet
  4. Nicolazzi Classic 2015_22 Bidet Faucet
  5. Nicolazzi Classic 3453_75C Single Lever Bidet Faucet
  6. Nicolazzi Classic 3403_75 Single Lever Bidet Faucet
  7. Nicolazzi Classic 3455_75C Single Lever Bidet Faucet
  8. Gessi Goccia 33607 Single Lever Bidet Faucet
    As low as €491.00
  9. Gessi Rettangolo 20007 Single Lever Bidet Faucet
    As low as €441.00
  10. Gessi Rettangolo Cascata 20607 Single Lever Bidet Faucet
    As low as €441.00
  11. Gessi Rettangolo K 53007 Single Lever Bidet Faucet
    As low as €441.00
  12. Nicolazzi Moderno 3315_44 Bidet Faucet
  13. Nicolazzi Moderno 3337_44 Bidet Faucet
  14. Nicolazzi Moderno 2315_18IN Bidet Faucet
  15. Nicolazzi Moderno 2337_18IN Bidet Faucet
  16. Nicolazzi Moderno Torre 3903 Single Lever Bidet Faucet
  17. Antonio Lupi Bikappa BK400N Single Lever Basin / Bidet Faucet
  18. Agape Sen ASEN0910N Single hole basin or bidet faucet
  19. Gessi iSpa 41007 Single Lever Bidet Faucet
  20. Flaminia Fold FL4070 Single Lever Bidet Faucet
  21. Flaminia Si SI2023 Single Lever Bidet Faucet
  22. Flaminia One 114070/F Single Lever Bidet Faucet
  23. Flaminia Evergreen EG220 Bidet Faucet
  24. Zucchetti Aguablu ZA5741+R99503 recessed bidet faucet
  25. Zucchetti Agorà ZAG370 Mixers 3 hole bidet faucet
  26. Zucchetti Agorà ZAG264 single hole bidet faucet
  27. Zucchetti Agorà ZAG364 Mixers single hole bidet faucet
  28. Zucchetti Agorà ZAG605 single hole bidet faucet
  29. Zucchetti Agorà Classic ZAL370 3 hole bidet faucet
  30. Zucchetti Agorà Classic ZAM370 3 hole bidet faucet
  31. Bongio Acquacarica 63503CRCR 3 Holes Bidet Faucet
  32. Bongio Acquacarica 63522CRCR Single Lever Bidet Faucet