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Ceramica Flaminia, which specialises in the production of sanitary ware, taps and fittings and bathroom furniture, is undoubtedly one of Italy's design leaders. The strength of the company is based on the continuous research of stylistic solutions and on the particular attention to craftsmanship.
From the very beginning Flaminia has sponsored various artistic and cultural events because of its artistic passion, which it pours into its collections.

The Flaminia product line includes: Basin Faucets, Bath Faucets, Bidet Faucets, Shower Faucets, Recessed Basins, Freestanding Basins, Suspended Basins, Countertop Basins, Bathtubs, Floor Mounted WC, Suspended WC. The most iconic series are: Fold, Como, Roll, Io e Quick.

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  1. Flaminia Simple 150 NDS150 Reversible Mirror
  2. Flaminia Simple 120 NDS120D Mirror
  3. Flaminia Hot/Cold SPHC Mirror
  4. Flaminia Left/Right SPLR Mirror Cabinet
  5. Flaminia Line BASC20 Reversible Pivoting Mirror
  6. Flaminia Albero AB238 Shower Column
  7. Flaminia Spin 5085G+5086+5085CW03 Suspended WC + Suspended Bidet + Toilette Seat
  8. Flaminia Box BX839 Basin Cabinet
  9. Flaminia Box BX827 Basin Cabinet
  10. Flaminia Box BX815 Basin Cabinet
  11. Flaminia Box BX945 Basin Cabinet
  12. Flaminia Box BX835 Basin Cabinet
  13. Flaminia Box BX823 Basin Cabinet
  14. Flaminia Box BX811 Basin Cabinet
  15. Flaminia Box BX969 Basin Cabinet
  16. Flaminia Box BX995 Basin Cabinet
  17. Flaminia Box BX993 Basin Cabinet
  18. Flaminia Box BX948 Basin Cabinet
  19. Flaminia Box BX838 Basin Cabinet
  20. Flaminia Box BX826 Basin Cabinet
  21. Flaminia Box BX814 Basin Cabinet
  22. Flaminia Box BX834 Basin Cabinet
  23. Flaminia Box BX944 Basin Cabinet
  24. Flaminia Box BX822 Basin Cabinet
  25. Flaminia Box BX810 Basin Cabinet
  26. Flaminia Box BX968 Basin Cabinet
  27. Flaminia Box BX994 Basin Cabinet
  28. Flaminia Box BX992 Basin Cabinet
  29. Flaminia Saltodacqua SD42L Countertop Basin
  30. Flaminia Box BX304R Suspended Cabinet
  31. Flaminia Box BX211R Suspended Wall Unit
  32. Flaminia Bloom BM120L Suspended Basin
Grid List

Items 1-32 of 171

Set Descending Direction