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Shower Enclosures

There are various shower enclosure models available on the market today. From a more classic model that can be used in all style contexts, such as the corner shower enclosure, to more unusual models such as shower enclosures in the middle of the room or in a niche.
The former is used for larger shower areas, while the latter can be used when the space available is limited and between two walls or columns.

Another important element in shower enclosures is the door model.
Cabins with sliding doors are the most classic and are used when there is sufficient space, otherwise shower cabins with folding doors can be installed.
There are also shower enclosures with hinged doors used in spacious bathrooms. As these types of doors open outwards, they are particularly convenient for cleaning and look good.

Aqadecor's experience in the field of designer bathroom furniture has enabled it to choose only the best of Made in Italy for its shower enclosures, such as the Hafro Geromin brand.

  1. Hafro Tempo 1TPA1S2 Multifunction Shower Enclosure
    As low as €4,849.00
  2. Hafro Soul 1SUA1S2 Multifunction Shower Enclosure
    As low as €4,455.00
  3. Hafro Sound 1SDC1N1 Multifunction Shower Enclosure
    As low as €1,855.00
  4. Hafro New bi-size 1NBA1N2 Multifunction Shower Enclosure
    As low as €2,121.00