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Shower Faucets

In the modern world, the shower has become synonymous with everyday life and well-being. This role requires a lot of accuracy when purchasing shower taps whose aesthetic contribution must marry with the lines of the shower, the showerheads, water faucets and more generally with the design of the whole bathroom.

A high quality shower faucet allows you to take full advantage of the various functions of the shower, making it the heart of daily well-being and personal care. The different types of shower taps, such as mixers ranging from one to five ways, allow the installation of different shower sets, spouts and shower heads that can have multiple features such as chromotherapy and hydromassage. These elements can be used individually through the use of a diverter, or simultaneously with the aid of a high flow shower mixer. Finally, the choice of installing a thermostatic mixer allows you to regulate both the flow of water and its temperature, keeping it constant, allowing you to avoid unpleasant accidental burns and lower water consumption.

Aquadecor has chosen for you the best manufacturers for your shower faucet, such as Gessi, Antonio Lupi, Cea, Zucchetti, Ritmonio, Nicolazzi, Fantini, Bongio and much more.

  1. Nicolazzi Moderno 4909_28+4910 Thermostatic Shower Faucet
  2. Nicolazzi Moderno 4914_28+4913 Thermostatic Shower Faucet
  3. Nicolazzi Moderno 3006_35 Single Lever Shower Faucet
  4. Nicolazzi Classic 3406_75+4006 Single Lever Shower Faucet
  5. Nicolazzi Classic 3460_75+4060 Single Lever Shower Faucet
  6. Gessi Goccia 33973 Thermostatic Mixer
    As low as €2,419.00
  7. Gessi Rettangolo 20021 Shut-off handshower
  8. Gessi Rettangolo K 53031 Shower Mixer
    As low as €593.00
  9. Gessi Rettangolo K 53061+44655 Shower Mixer + Recessed Part
    As low as €428.00
  10. Gessi Rettangolo K 53079+44673 Shower Mixer + Recessed Part
    As low as €480.00
  11. Gessi Rettangolo K 53140+44639 Shower Mixer + Recessed Part
    As low as €1,096.00
  12. Gessi Rettangolo Wellness 43105+43216 Thermostatic faucet + built-in part
  13. Gessi Rettangolo Wellness 43107+43218 Thermostatic faucet + built-in part
  14. Agape Sen ASEN0913N Hand shower
  15. Gessi Goccia 33642 Sliding Rail
    As low as €621.00
  16. Gessi Goccia 33773 Shower Set
    As low as €412.00
  17. Gessi Rettangolo Wellness 43026+43105 Thermostatic faucet + built-in part
  18. Gessi Rettangolo Wellness 43028+43107 Thermostatic faucet + built-in part
  19. Gessi Rettangolo Wellness 43030+43109 Thermostatic faucet + buit-in part
  20. Gessi Rettangolo Wellness 43032+43111 Thermostatic faucet + built-in part
  21. Flaminia Fold FL2250 Shower Group
  22. Flaminia Nokè NK3280 Single Lever Shower Faucet
  23. Flaminia Si SI2072 Shower Group
  24. Flaminia One 112550 Shower Group
  25. Ritmonio Haptic PR43GQ101CRL Single Lever Bath/Shower Faucet
  26. Ritmonio Haptic PR28HB204CRL Thermostatic Shower Faucet
  27. Ritmonio Haptic PR28HD101CRL Thermostatic Shower Faucet
  28. Ritmonio Glitter PR32FA201CRL Single Lever Shower Faucet
  29. Ritmonio Glitter PR32GF101CRL Single Lever Bath/Shower Faucet
  30. Ritmonio Pois PR31FA201CRL Single Lever Shower Faucet
  31. Ritmonio Pois PR31GF101CRL Single Lever Bath/Shower Faucet
  32. Bongio Acquacarica 63529CRCR Shower Mixer