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Basin Faucets

Basin faucets are an essential element of the bathroom. They are the subject of studies by manufacturers who offer always more innovative and appealing finishes, designs and features, such as water-saving mixers or faucets with chromotherapy. Following the design of the bathroom and the choice of bathroom fixtures, it is essential to choose the correct basin mixer that can not only adapt but also enhance the environment and the style of furniture in your bathroom.

In this section you will find a huge choice of shapes, materials and functions: from single-hole basin mixers, two-hole mixers to three-hole faucets. You can also choose the type of installation that best suits the washbasin to be combined: from the most classic countertop washbasin taps or wall-mounted mixers, to the most spectacular floor-mounted or ceiling-mounted washbasin taps.

On Aqadecor a wide selection of the best Made in Italy brands of sink taps in available, including Gessi, Antonio Lupi, Cea, Zucchetti, Ritmonio, Nicolazzi, Fantini, Bongio, and much more.

  1. Gessi Via Manzoni 38603 High Single Lever Basin Faucet
    As low as €378.00
  2. Cea Design Ziqq ZIQ01+PTR01 Basin Mixer + Recessed Part
    As low as €1,075.00
  3. Cea Design Ziqq ZIQ07+PTR02 3 Holes Basin Mixer + Recessed Part
    As low as €1,061.00
  4. Cea Design Ziqq ZIQ32 Progressive Basin Mixer
    As low as €620.00
  5. Nicolazzi Classic 1477_69 Basin Faucet
  6. Nicolazzi Classic 1408_69 Basin Faucet
  7. Nicolazzi Classic 1419_34 Basin Faucet
  8. Nicolazzi Moderno 2207_87 Basin Faucet
  9. Nicolazzi Moderno 2208_87 Basin Faucet
  10. Nicolazzi Moderno 2236_87 Basin Faucet
  11. Nicolazzi Classic 1908_05 Basin Faucet
  12. Nicolazzi Teide dual lever single-hole washbasin tap 1932_CR_05
  13. Nicolazzi Moderno 1008_28 Basin Faucet
  14. Nicolazzi Moderno 3002_35 Single Lever Basin Faucet
  15. Nicolazzi Liberty Crystal dual lever washbasin tap 1409_CR_34
  16. Nicolazzi Classic 1432_93 Basin Faucet
  17. Nicolazzi Classic 2108_09 Basin Faucet
  18. Nicolazzi Classic 2132_09 Basin Faucet
  19. Nicolazzi Classic 2009_22 Basin Faucet
  20. Nicolazzi Classic 3458_75C Single Lever Basin Faucet
  21. Nicolazzi Classic 3454_75C Single Lever Basin Faucet
  22. Nicolazzi Classic 3402_75 Single Lever Basin Faucet
  23. Gessi Goccia 33601 Single Lever Basin Faucet
    As low as €491.00
  24. Gessi Rettangolo XL 26101 Single Lever Basin Faucet
    As low as €549.00
  25. Gessi Rettangolo XL 26295+26298 Single Lever Basin Faucet + Recessed Part
    As low as €593.00
  26. Gessi Rettangolo XL 20497+26188 Recessed joystick faucet
    As low as €672.00
  27. Gessi Rettangolo 20002 Single Lever Basin Faucet
    As low as €425.00
  28. Gessi Rettangolo 11922 High Single Lever Basin Faucet
    As low as €511.00
  29. Gessi Rettangolo T 20402 Three Holes Basin Mixer
    As low as €645.00
  30. Gessi Rettangolo T 20488+20497 Three Holes Basin Mixer + Recessed Part
    As low as €660.00
  31. Gessi Rettangolo Cascata 30901 Single Lever Basin Faucet
  32. Gessi Rettangolo Cascata 30988+20497 Basin Mixer + Recessed Part