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Shower Columns

The shower column is a very important element when choosing the configuration of your shower, not only for aesthetics, but to be able to transform an everyday action into pure well-being.
In its most basic form, a shower column simply consists of a drain, a rod that carries the water to the shower head and a mixer for the water supply.

Shower columns can have different functions and technologies. Thermostatic shower columns are now widely used in modern bathrooms as they have a technology that keeps the temperature constant, preventing accidental burnings or sudden jets of freezing water; they use a valve that is very sensitive to changes in temperature and closes if it detects a deficiency of hot or cold water, thus also saving water.
Multi-function shower columns offer a high level of comfort with possible LEDs for chromotherapy, odour diffusion jets for aromatherapy, and integrated speakers for listening to music in the shower.
Finally, the hydromassage shower columns are designed with lateral showerheads and localised, directional jets for various types of massage: cervical, lymph-draining, foot and more.

Aqadecor's experience in the field of designer bathroom furniture has enabled it to choose only the best of Made in Italy for its shower columns, such as the Antonio Lupi, Boffi, Bossini, Gessi, Hafro Geromin and Zucchetti brands.

  1. Zucchetti Agorà ZAG860 shower column
  2. Zucchetti Agorà ZAG865 shower column with exposed thermostatic faucet
  3. Zucchetti Agorà Classic ZAL860 shower coloumn
  4. Zucchetti Agorà Classic ZAM860 shower coloumn
  5. Zucchetti Agorà Classic ZAG865 shower coloumn with exposed thermostatic faucet
  6. Boffi Minimal RJDM01 Wall Mounted Hand Shower
  7. Bossini Manhattan L00890 Shower Column
  8. Bossini Manhattan L00891 Shower Column
  9. Bossini Manhattan L00896 Shower Column
  10. Bossini Manhattan L00897 Shower Column
  11. Gessi Rettangolo Shower 23407 Shower Column
    As low as €2,359.00
  12. Gessi Rettangolo Shower 23405 Shower Column
    As low as €2,701.00
  13. Gessi Rettangolo Shower 23411 Shower Column
    As low as €2,530.00
  14. Gessi Rettangolo Shower 23409 Shower Column
    As low as €2,870.00
  15. Gessi Rettangolo Shower 23447 Shower Column
    As low as €2,359.00
  16. Hafro Lama 4LAA5N0 Shower Column
    As low as €1,814.00
  17. Hafro Lama 4LAA6N0 Shower Column
    As low as €2,297.00
  18. Hafro Lama 4LAA2N0 Shower Column
    As low as €1,916.00
  19. Hafro Lama 4LAA3N0 Shower Column
    As low as €2,135.00
  20. Hafro Lama 4LAA1N0 Shower Column
  21. Hafro Space 4SPA1N0 Shower Column
    As low as €1,819.00
  22. Hafro Plane 4PLA1N0 Shower Column
    As low as €1,539.00
  23. Hafro Light 4LHA4N0 Shower Column
    As low as €1,429.00
  24. Hafro Bridge Plus 4BRA4N0 Shower Column
    As low as €1,717.00
  25. Hafro Etoile 125 4ETB3N0 Shower Column
    As low as €1,336.00
  26. Hafro Etoile 160 4ETB7N0 Shower Column
    As low as €1,510.00
  27. Hafro Musa 4MSA2N0 Shower Column
    As low as €999.00
  28. Hafro Rigenera 200 4RIA2N0 Shower Column
  29. Hafro Quarantacinque 4QRA4N0 Shower Column
    As low as €983.00
  30. Hafro Quarantacinque S 4QRA5N0 Shower Column
    As low as €1,247.00
  31. Hafro Modello 1 4CDA1N0 Shower Column
  32. Hafro Modello 2 4CDA2N0 Shower Column