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Fantini, founded in 1947 by the brothers Giovanni and Ersilio Fantini, is an all-Italian design factory focused on and specialising in faucets. The key point of the company is the strong creative intensity that is injected in the manual and craftsmanship mixed with industrial processes for the creation of its products.
Following this philosophy, in 2010 Fantini landed in America, opening its first showroom in New York and obtaining Lead Free certification.
One of Fantini's most iconic collections is Fontane Bianche, designed by Elisa Ossino, born from a design idea in which 2 archetypal geometric shapes are mixed together: the circle and the square.

The Fantini product line includes: Basin Faucets, Bath Faucets, Kitchen Faucets, Bidet Faucets, Shower Faucets and Showerhead. The most iconic series are: Mint, Fontane Bianche e Venezia.

Check out all the Fantini collections on Aqadecor, if you can't find the product of your dreams, don't hesitate to contact us and request a custom quote.

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  1. Fantini Fontane Bianche P065 Edge Bath Group
  2. Fantini Fontane Bianche P017B+P017A Bath Group
  3. Fantini Fontane Bianche P019B+P019A Bath Group
  4. Fantini Fontane Bianche 8106 Showerhead
  5. Fantini Fontane Bianche P063B+M063A Single Lever Shower Faucet
  6. Fantini Fontane Bianche P008W Single Lever Bidet Faucet
  7. Fantini Fontane Bianche P113B+M011A Single Lever Basin Faucet
  8. Fantini Fontane Bianche P110B+M011A Single Lever Basin Faucet
  9. Fantini Fontane Bianche P013B+R010A Basin Faucet
  10. Fantini Fontane Bianche P010B+R010A Basin Faucet
  11. Fantini Fontane Bianche P007W Basin Faucet
  12. Fantini Fontane Bianche P107W Single Lever Basin Faucet
  13. Fantini Fontane Bianche 8441 Basin Spout
  14. Fantini Fontane Bianche P494 Basin Spout
  15. Fantini Fontane Bianche P404B+P404A Single Lever Basin Faucet
  16. Fantini Mint Acciaio F272B+D272A recessed thermostatic shower tap
  17. Fantini Mint Acciaio F008WF single hole bidet tap
  18. Fantini Mint Acciaio F304W three hole basin tap
  19. Fantini Icona Deco R113B+R010A Recessed basin faucet
  20. Fantini Icona Deco R110B+R010A Recessed basin faucet
  21. Fantini Icona Deco R104 3 hole basin faucet
  22. Fantini Icona Deco R106 3 hole basin faucet
  23. Fantini Icona Deco 3 hole basin faucet R107
  24. Fantini Icona Classic R067 Deck-mounted bath group
  25. Fantini Icona Classic R065 Deck-mounted bath group
  26. Fantini Icona Classic R017B+R017A Recessed bath/shower group
  27. Fantini Icona Classic R019B+R019A Recessed bath group
  28. Fantini Icona Classic R015 External bath group
  29. Fantini Icona Classic 8113 Showerhead
  30. Fantini Icona Classic R200B+D200A Recessed thermostatic shower faucet
  31. Fantini Icona Classic R773B+D373A Recessed thermostatic shower faucet
  32. Fantini Icona Classic R772B+D372A Recessed thermostatic shower faucet
Grid List

Items 1-32 of 143

Set Descending Direction