With Aqadecor you can buy products that will make you appreciate new ways of living the domestic space.

Materials, shapes and finishes are able to change the perception of the spaces inside your home, making them aesthetically unique.

The collections on our site are always in line with new trends and offer functional and stylish solutions.

Living: how to choose the right lighting

In addition to the physical characteristics of furnishing objects, the essential element that changes the soul of domestic spaces is certainly the lighting.

Modern lighting systems are closely correlated with the most modern design solutions. Very recently in homes there are more and more lamps with essential shapes, innovative materials, neutral colours and natural shapes.

Aqadecor offers the best solutions for indoor lighting.

Wall, suspension, table and floor lamps are the types present on our site branded Fabbian and Myyour.

Living: tables and chairs

Tables and chairs are essential elements for home furnishings that are always chosen based on the space available.

The shape of the tables is the fundamental element that distinguishes them: round, oval or square shapes can give a different style according to the style you want to recreate.

Depending on the type of table, chairs or stools should be chosen that are best suited for height and width characteristics. The choice of colors and materials is also very important: today there is a trend in choosing contrasting elements between table and chairs and we always try to make unique combinations to make everything more special.

Aqadecor offers the best brands in the industry such as Infiniti and Myyour.

Living: the most suitable heating system for your home

Aqadecor offers products that allow you to heat the entire home environment without ever neglecting the fundamental characteristics of design and high technology.

Stoves, radiators, fireplaces and fireplaces are the essential requirements that a home must possess to cope with the winter months but, even in periods of lesser use, they must be pleasant to see and in line with the environment around them.

The fundamental element that must characterize these products is the material of their composition which must be extremely resistant to the highest temperatures.

Antonio Lupi and Tubes are some of the brands that you can find on our site. Their names are a guarantee of quality, efficiency and high technology.

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  1. Infiniti Design LANDING, table in MDF
  2. Infiniti Design DUEPERDUE, table living
  3. Infiniti Design Next Table ROUND, table
  4. Infiniti Design Next Table NEXT SQUARE, table
  5. Infiniti Design Next Table NEXT MAXI, table
  6. Infiniti Design Next Table Q Tables table NEXT MAXI Q
  7. Infiniti Design MAT, table
  8. Infiniti Design Record Living RECORD, table
  9. Tubes Kubik Horizontal Radiator
  10. Antonio Lupi Teka TEKA81+LAFLACA Bioethanol fireplace
  11. Antonio Lupi Teka TEKA170+LAFLACA Bioethanol fireplace
  12. Antonio Lupi Teka TEKA144+LAFLACA Bioethanol fireplace
  13. Antonio Lupi Skema SKEMA1100 Wood burning thermo fireplace
  14. Antonio Lupi Skema SKEMA2100 Wood burning thermo fireplace
  15. Fabbian Aérostat F27 F27A1119, Suspended Lamp
  16. Fabbian Aérostat F27 F27B0119, Table Lamp
  17. Fabbian Aérostat F27 F27C0319, Floor Lamp
  18. Fabbian Beluga D57 D57A0915, Suspended Lamp
  19. Fabbian Beluga D57 D57C0115, Free-standing Lamp
  20. Fabbian Beluga D57 D57A5112, Suspended Lamp
  21. Fabbian Bijou D75 D75C0101, Free-standing Lamp
  22. Fabbian Boomy F29 F29D0101, Wall-mounted Lamp
  23. Fabbian Cloudy F21 F21A0171, Lamps Suspension Lamp
  24. Fabbian Cloudy F21 F21E0171, Lamps Ceiling Lamp
  25. Fabbian Cricket D60 D60F3035, Downlight Lamp
  26. Fabbian Crio D81 D81A010, Suspendend Lamp
  27. Fabbian Crio D81 D81A1301, Suspendend Lamp
  28. Fabbian Crio D81 D81A1701, Suspendend Lamp
  29. Fabbian Olympic F45 F45A0101Suspension Lamp
  30. Tubes Eve EVE# Electric Freestanding Radiator
    As low as €1,098.00
  31. Tubes Astro ASTRO#FILTRO Freestanding Fan Heater
    As low as €2,117.00
  32. Tubes Origami ORGMF#0835 Freestanding Radiator
    As low as €2,016.00
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