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Agape was born in 1973 with over 40 years of evolution in the bathroom furniture sector. Agape products are made in Italy with high quality raw materials, selecting the best providers and the most suitable materials for their projects. The company also takes special care of details in order to offer high quality products.
Agape is able to mix passion, aesthetics and innovation in their designs in order to create a new interpretation of wellness linked to the reading of time as a break in a routine, as a balanced interval dedicated to self-care.

The Agape product line includes: Basin Faucets, Bathtub Faucets, Bidet Faucets, Shower Faucets, Countertop Basins, Suspended Basin, Freestanding Basin, Recessed Basins, Bathtubs, Floor Mounted WC, Suspended WC, Shower Heads and Mirrors. The most iconic series are: Agape Outdoor, Memory, Sen, Pear and Agape Spoon.

Check out all the Agape collections on Aqadecor, if you can't find the product of your dreams, don't hesitate to contact us and request a custom quote.

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  1. Agape Memory AMEM324+.IMEM324 Recessed Bath Group
  2. Agape Memory AMEM315 Basin group
  3. Agape Memory AMEM311 Single lever basin faucet
  4. Agape Fez 2 AFEZ026+.IFEZ026 External bath set
  5. Agape Fez 2 AFEZ008 bidet faucet
  6. Agape Fez 2 AFEZ012+.IFEZ010 Single lever basin faucet
  7. Agape Fez 2 AFEZ011+ .IFEZ010 Single lever basin faucet
  8. Agape Fez 2 AFEZ002 basin faucet
  9. Agape Fez 2 AFEZ001 basin faucet
  10. Agape Constellation ACOM0300 Mirror
  11. Agape Revolving Moon ASPE039 Mirror
  12. Agape Neb AVAS1095ZZ Freestanding bath
  13. Agape Neb ACER0701ZZ Countertop basin
  14. Agape Marsiglia ACER0705M3RZZ Suspended basin
  15. Agape Cheese ACER0710NZ Circular basin
  16. Agape Cartesio AVAS0986Z-O Rectangular corner bath
  17. Agape Cartesio AVAS0981Z-O Freestanding rectangular bath
  18. Agape Pear ACER08950R Suspended basin
  19. Agape 661 ACER0661 Countertop oval basin
  20. Agape Spoon XL ACER0713Z Countertop basin
  21. Agape Spoon ACER0700Z Countertop basin
  22. Agape Handwash ACER09950RZ Suspended basin
  23. Agape Fez 2 AFEZ003 basin faucet
  24. Agape Marsiglia ACER0705M1RZZ Suspended basin
  25. Agape Marsiglia ACER0705M0RZZ Suspended basin
  26. Agape Gabbiano AGAB0351 Rectangular Mirror
  27. Agape Bucatini ABUC0178N Mirror
  28. Agape Bucatini ABUC0178L Mirror
  29. Agape Vieques XS AVAS0912ZZ Bath
  30. Agape Vieques AVAS0911ZZ Bath
  31. Agape Spoon XL AVAS0916ZZ Bath
  32. Agape Spoon AVAS091ZZ Bath
Grid List

Items 1-32 of 93

Set Descending Direction