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Glass Design
Glass Design

Located in Vinci, the city of Leonardo da Vinci, Glass Design has been revolutionizing the concept of the washbasin since 1984 by using advanced and unique materials such as ground crystal, art glass and silicon.
Using Murano glass Glass Design is capable of creating refined, light and elegant products and with the use of the purest 24% pb. crystal worked without any machine and mouth-blown, the company has reached a reputation based on the right combination of craftsmanship and high quality, so as to make its products seem almost works of art.

The Glass Design product line includes: Countertop Basins. The most iconic series are: Round, Laguna e Ice Oval.

Check out all the Glass Design collections on Aqadecor, if you can't find the product of your dreams, don't hesitate to contact us and request a custom quote.

  1. Glass Design Luxor Round LUXORROT01F4 countertop basin
  2. Glass Design Villa VILLAT01F4 Countertop basin
  3. Glass Design Collier COLLIERT30F4 Countertop basin
  4. Glass Design Ice Oval ICEOVT01F4 Countertop basin
  5. Glass Design Ice Oval Lux ICEOVGDF4 Countertop basin
  6. Glass Design Luxor Oval LUXOROVT01F4 Countertop basin
  7. Glass Design Clivia Countertop sink - CLIVIAT01
  8. Glass Design Moon MOONT01F4 Countertop basin
  9. Glass Design Ramada RAMADAT01F4 Countertop basin
  10. Glass Design Glo Ball Crystal Ice GLOBALLICET01F4 Countertop basin
  11. Glass Design Glo Ball Crystal Ramada GLOBALLRAMT01F4 Countertop basin
  12. Glass Design Isola Small ISOLASMT36 Countertop basin
  13. Glass Design Laguna Blue LAGUNAT42F4 Countertop Basin
  14. Glass Design Laguna Night LAGUNAT33F4 Countertop basin
  15. Glass Design Laguna Oro LAGUNAGDF4 Countertop basin
  16. Glass Design Laguna Smoke LAGUNAT43F4 Countertop basin
  17. Glass Design Canale CANALEWBF4 Countertop basin
  18. Glass Design Ottico OTTICOGWF4 Countertop basin
  19. Glass Design Kool KOOLPO01 Countertop basin
  20. Glass Design Infinity Over INFINITYOVPO01 Countertop basin
  21. Glass Design Collina COLLINAPO01 Countertop basin
  22. Glass Design Play PLAYPO01 Countertop basin
  23. Glass Design Cocoon Metal COCOONDIW Countertop basin
  24. Glass Design Cocoon Materic COCOONPO01 Countertop basin
  25. Glass Design Round ALUROA05 Countertop basin
  26. Glass Design Chelo CHELOT01 Countertop basin
  27. Glass Design Aqua AQUAT01 Countertop basin
  28. Glass Design Glo Ball Murano GLOBALLMT05F4 Countertop basin
  29. Glass Design Kool Max KOOLMAXPO01 Countertop basin
  30. Glass Design Kool XL KOOLXLPO01 Countertop Basin
  31. Glass Design Kool Oversize KOOLOVERPO01 Countertop basin
  32. Glass Design Air AIRPO01 Countertop basin