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the lighting of a room is just as important as choosing the right furnishings for it. Light is essential to create the right atmosphere, whether atmospheric, relaxing or functional.
Lighting makes it possible to use areas of the house or to do the same actions that are possible during the day, even in the evening.

There are various types of lamps to illuminate all the areas of the house you want: floor lamps, perfect for placing wherever you want to give a soft, relaxing light, perfect for reading a book in your armchair; chandeliers, perfect and adaptable to any room in your home, the perfect choice for classic, functional furnishings; outdoor lamps, perfect for illuminating your garden, swimming pool or even smaller areas such as balconies or terraces.

Aqadecor's experience in the field of designer bathroom furniture has allowed us to choose only the best of Made in Italy for your living room, such as the Fabbian brand.

  1. Fabbian Aérostat F27 F27A1119, Suspended Lamp
  2. Fabbian Aérostat F27 F27B0119, Table Lamp
  3. Fabbian Aérostat F27 F27C0319, Floor Lamp
  4. Fabbian Beluga D57 D57A0915, Suspended Lamp
  5. Fabbian Beluga D57 D57C0115, Free-standing Lamp
  6. Fabbian Beluga D57 D57A5112, Suspended Lamp
  7. Fabbian Bijou D75 D75C0101, Free-standing Lamp
  8. Fabbian Boomy F29 F29D0101, Wall-mounted Lamp
  9. Fabbian Cloudy F21 F21A0171, Lamps Suspension Lamp
  10. Fabbian Cloudy F21 F21E0171, Lamps Ceiling Lamp
  11. Fabbian Cricket D60 D60F3035, Downlight Lamp
  12. Fabbian Crio D81 D81A010, Suspendend Lamp
  13. Fabbian Crio D81 D81A1301, Suspendend Lamp
  14. Fabbian Crio D81 D81A1701, Suspendend Lamp
  15. Fabbian Olympic F45 F45A0101Suspension Lamp
  16. Antonio Lupi LUCENTE45 Wall Mounted Lamp
    As low as €557.00
  17. Antonio Lupi LUCENTINA36 Mirror Lamp
    As low as €254.00
  18. Antonio Lupi ZENITLED Ceiling Mounted Lamp
  19. Antonio Lupi RONDO1 Wall Mounted Lamp
  20. Antonio Lupi SCRIGNO Recessed Lamp
  21. Antonio Lupi BOLLA Mirror Lamp
    As low as €294.00
  22. Antonio Lupi BOLLA2 Pair of Mirror Lamp