In the new design projects, radiators have been given a makeover in terms of the materials and shapes used. Before they were only a source of heat, now they are characterised by particular shapes: an example is Scaletta by the Tubes brand, created as a true design object with an unusual shape and product uniqueness.

Nowadays there is a vast catalogue of decorative radiators to refer to: wall-mounted mirrored radiators that enrich the wall in addition to their heating function; underfloor radiators, useful because they can be moved wherever you want; towel warmers, the most classic and useful for your bathroom, where you can put towels or clothes.

Aqadecor's experience in the field of designer bathroom furniture has allowed us to choose only the best of Made in Italy for your living room, such as the Antonio Lupi and Tubes brands.

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  1. Tubes Kubik Horizontal Radiator
  2. Antonio Lupi Teka TEKA81+LAFLACA Bioethanol fireplace
  3. Antonio Lupi Teka TEKA170+LAFLACA Bioethanol fireplace
  4. Antonio Lupi Teka TEKA144+LAFLACA Bioethanol fireplace
  5. Antonio Lupi Skema SKEMA1100 Wood burning thermo fireplace
  6. Antonio Lupi Skema SKEMA2100 Wood burning thermo fireplace
  7. Tubes Eve EVE# Electric Freestanding Radiator
    As low as €1,098.00
  8. Tubes Astro ASTRO#FILTRO Freestanding Fan Heater
    As low as €2,117.00
  9. Tubes Origami ORGMF#0835 Freestanding Radiator
    As low as €2,016.00
  10. Tubes Origami ORGMT#1635 Freestanding Totem Radiator
    As low as €2,968.00
  11. Tubes Origami ORGMS#1200 Radiator Double Module Wall Radiator
    As low as €1,674.00
  12. Tubes Square Bench SQB#120 Freestanding Radiator
    As low as €1,105.00
  13. Antonio Lupi Filoskema FILOSKEMA100 Wood burning thermo fireplace
  14. Antonio Lupi Babele BABELE55+LAFLACA Bioethanol fireplace
  15. Antonio Lupi Babele BABELE91+LAFLACA Bioethanol fireplace
  16. Antonio Lupi Babele BABELE131+LAFLACA Bioethanol fireplace
  17. Antonio Lupi Canto Del Fuoco CANTOMC63 Single faced fireplace
  18. Antonio Lupi Canto Del Fuoco CANTOM63 Single faced fireplace
  19. Antonio Lupi Canto Del Fuoco CANTOMC108 Single faced fireplace
  20. Antonio Lupi Canto Del Fuoco CANTOM108 Single faced fireplace
  21. Antonio Lupi Canto Del Fuoco CANTOMC1144 Single faced fireplace
  22. Antonio Lupi Canto Del Fuoco CANTOMC144 Single faced fireplace
  23. Antonio Lupi Canto Del Fuoco CANTOMC270 Single faced fireplace
  24. Antonio Lupi Canto Del Fuoco CANTOBC63 Double faced fireplace
  25. Tubes Scaletta SCF4#100 Freestanding Heated Towel Holder
    As low as €862.00
  26. Tubes Scaletta SCM5#140 Wall Mounted Heated Towel Holder
    As low as €984.00
  27. Tubes Scaletta SCM7#185 Wall Mounted Heated Towel Holder
    As low as €1,092.00
  28. Tubes Rift RFT_V24SE#SX100 single vertical 24 and electrical radiator
  29. Tubes Rift RFT_O24SE#SU100 single horizontal 24 and electrical radiator
  30. Tubes Rift RFT_VDDE2#SX140100 double vertical and electrical radiator
  31. Tubes Rift RFT_ODDE2#SX100140, double horizontal and electrical radiator
  32. Tubes Rift RFT_V24SI#SX100 single vertical 24 radiator
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