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Wall Hanger

The wall hanger can be used in every room of your house, from the bathroom to your living room. If placed in your living room the main use is to hang your coats at the entrance, or perhaps those of any guests.
If placed in your bathroom, on the other hand, the use will be mainly for hanging up your bathrobes.

Aquadecor offers you a wide choice of materials and sizes and products all Made in Italy with brands such as Antonio Lupi and Gessi.

  1. Gessi Rettangolo Accessories 20921 Wall Hanger
    As low as €138.00
  2. Gessi Anello 63721 Wall Hanger
    As low as €122.00
  3. Gessi 316 54821 Wall Hanger
    As low as €86.00
  4. Gessi Rilievo Accessories 59521 Wall Hanger
    As low as €83.00
  5. Gessi Rilievo Accessories 59522 Double Wall Hanger
    As low as €109.00
  6. Gessi Venti20 Accessories 65521 Wall Hanger
    As low as €175.00
  7. Gessi Goccia Accessories 38121 Wall Hanger
    As low as €104.00
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