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Cielo is the first company in the world to offer a vast and unique range of colors created by applying oxides of metallic and mineral origin to ceramics. These oxides are added to the glaze mixture to create new types of coatings such as: cadmium selenium red; manganese brown; chrome green; etc... The company, with this design philosophy, has received numerous international awards, bringing to the top the made in Italy considered as a worldwide reference model.

The Cielo product line includes: Countertop Basins, Suspended Basins, Freestanding Basins, Recessed Basins, Bathtubs, Floor Mounted WC, Suspended WC, Bathroom Furnitures, Mirrors. The most iconic series are: Catino, Shui Comfort, Fluid.

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  1. Cielo Legiale LGFREE Freestanding Basin
  2. Cielo Legiare LGLS wall mounted basin
  3. Cielo Legiare LGLA60 countertop basin
  4. Cielo Mini Ball ORBLM wall-mounted urinal
  5. Cielo SHUI SHLAA Countertop Basin
    As low as €219.00
  6. Cielo SHUI SHBA Countertop Basin
    As low as €268.00
  7. Cielo SHUI SHBA45 Countertop Basin
    As low as €340.00
  8. Cielo SHUI SHLAA Wall Mounted / Countertop Basin
    As low as €886.00
  9. Cielo SHUI SHFREEC Freestanding / Wall Mounted Basin
    As low as €1,393.00
  10. Cielo Opera OPLA52 wall mounted or countertop basin
  11. Cielo Opera OPC100 wall mounted or countertop basin
  12. Cielo SMILE SMLA48 Countertop / Semi-recessed / Wall Mounted Basin
    As low as €352.00
  13. Cielo SHUI COMFORT SHCOLAR60 Countertop Basin
    As low as €466.00
  14. Cielo SHUI COMFORT SHCOLAQ40 Countertop Basin
    As low as €371.00
  15. Cielo SHUI COMFORT SHCOLAO60 Countertop Basin
    As low as €446.00
  16. Cielo SHUI COMFORT SHCOLAT40 Countertop Basin
    As low as €357.00
  17. Cielo SHUI COMFORT SHCOBAT Freestanding Bathtub
    As low as €4,121.00
  18. Cielo Enjoy EJLA70 rectangular basin
  19. Cielo Enjoy EJLA60 rectangular basin
  20. Cielo Enjoy EJLA50 rectangular basin
  21. Cielo Enjoy EJLASIT round semi-recessed basin
  22. Cielo Enjoy EJLASIQ semi-recessed squared basin
  23. Cielo Enjoy EJVS+EJBS wall mounted sanitary
  24. Cielo Enjoy EJVA+EJBI floor mounted sanitary
  25. Cielo Arcadia CIBELE+CIBATC freestanding bath
  26. Cielo Eos SPEOL oval mirror with light
  27. Cielo Eos C SPEOML mirror with shelf
  28. Cielo Elle Tonda Composition
  29. Cielo ELLE TONDA 2 Tonda Composition
  30. Cielo PLINIO Composition
  31. Cielo Catino Ovale basin composition
  32. Cielo SHUI SHBA40 Countertop Basin
    As low as €351.00