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Fabbian was founded in 1961 and specialised in the production of lamps for furniture. During all these years, the company has always focused on the quality and value of its products, thus gaining international recognition. In 2018, however, the real turning point for the company took place. With the acquisition by Luca Pellegrino, the brand shifted to energy-saving LED technology products, once again renewing itself impeccably. The company is based in Italy, where it produces its collections and studies new trends in design and technology. The products are synonymous with quality and reliability, in fact the construction and assembly are monitored with great care at every stage of their production cycle in order to obtain a product that complies with safety standards.

The Fabbian product line includes: Lighting. The most iconic series are: Olympic, Crio, Cloudy e Cricket.

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  1. Fabbian Olympic F45 F45A0101Suspension Lamp
  2. Fabbian Crio D81 D81A1701, Suspendend Lamp
  3. Fabbian Crio D81 D81A1301, Suspendend Lamp
  4. Fabbian Crio D81 D81A010, Suspendend Lamp
  5. Fabbian Cricket D60 D60F3035, Downlight Lamp
  6. Fabbian Cloudy F21 F21E0171, Lamps Ceiling Lamp
  7. Fabbian Cloudy F21 F21A0171, Lamps Suspension Lamp
  8. Fabbian Boomy F29 F29D0101, Wall-mounted Lamp
  9. Fabbian Bijou D75 D75C0101, Free-standing Lamp
  10. Fabbian Beluga D57 D57A5112, Suspended Lamp
  11. Fabbian Beluga D57 D57C0115, Free-standing Lamp
  12. Fabbian Beluga D57 D57A0915, Suspended Lamp
  13. Fabbian Aérostat F27 F27B0119, Table Lamp
  14. Fabbian Aérostat F27 F27A1119, Suspended Lamp
  15. Fabbian Aérostat F27 F27C0319, Floor Lamp
Grid List

15 Items

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