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Antonio Lupi
Antonio Lupi

"We feed on innovation. Standing still is a crime and is the wrong way to run a company. We are constantly looking for ideas, cues and contamination. Our goal is not to follow the evolution of fashions and design trends, but to anticipate them. I'd love to be followed". Andrea Lupi perfectly expresses what Antonio Lupi has been trying to create since 1969 by following a logic in the choice of high quality materials for its projects, capable of mixing abundance of details and design innovation for its bathroom furniture.

The Antonio Lupi product line includes: Basin Faucets, Bathtub Faucets, Bidet Faucets, Shower Faucets, Countertop Basins, Suspended Basins, Freestanding Basins, Recessed Body, Bathtubs, Floor Standing WC, Suspended WC, Shower Columns, Shower Heads, Toilet Paper Holders, Soap Holders, Wall Hangers, Bathroom Furniture, Mirrors, Shelves and Wall Units, Tables and Heating. The most iconic series are: Azimut, Strappo, Bikappa, Introverso e Dune.

Discover all Antonio Lupi collections on Aqadecor, if you can't find the product of your dreams, do not hesitate to contact us and request a custom quote.

  1. Antonio Lupi Simplo SIMPLOTONDO Countertop Basin
    As low as €540.00
  2. Antonio Lupi Simplo SIMPLO42 Countertop Basin
    As low as €540.00
  3. Antonio Lupi Simplo SIMPLO54 Countertop Basin
    As low as €554.00
  4. Antonio Lupi Simplo SIMPLO63 Countertop / Wall Mounted Basin
    As low as €574.00
  5. Antonio Lupi Simplo SIMPLO108 Countertop / Wall Mounted Basin
    As low as €922.00
  6. Antonio Lupi SENSO Countertop Basin
    As low as €508.00
  7. Antonio Lupi CALCO Wall Mounted Basin
  8. Antonio Lupi POGGIO Countertop Basin
    As low as €645.00
  9. Antonio Lupi GESTOMOOD90 Countertop / Wall Mounted Basin
    As low as €878.00
  10. Antonio Lupi Gestomood GESTOMOOD126 Countertop / Wall Mounted Basin
    As low as €1,254.00
  11. Antonio Lupi BATTIGIA Recessed Wall Mounted Basin
    As low as €2,649.00
  12. Antonio Lupi Battigia BATTIGIAM Recessed Wall Mounted Basin
    As low as €3,004.00
  13. Antonio Lupi Strappo STRAPPOXL Recessed Basin
    As low as €3,338.00
  14. Antonio Lupi Simplo SIMPLO85 Freestanding Basin
    As low as €1,797.00
  15. Antonio Lupi FUSTO Freestanding basin
    As low as €1,783.00
  16. Antonio Lupi RILIEVO Freestanding Basin
  17. Antonio Lupi Bikappa BK400N Single Lever Basin / Bidet Faucet
  18. Antonio Lupi Bikappa BK300N Single Lever Basin Faucet
  19. Antonio Lupi Bikappa BK904N Single Lever Basin Faucet
  20. Antonio Lupi Bikappa BK905N Single Lever Basin Faucet
  21. Antonio Lupi Bikappa BK906N+BK906I Progressive Basin Mixer + Recessed Part
    As low as €2,220.00
  22. Antonio Lupi Ayati AY702 Deck Mounted Bath Group
    As low as €2,103.00
  23. Antonio Lupi DAFNE Freestanding Bathtub
  24. Antonio Lupi EPOQUE Oval bathtub
  25. Antonio Lupi Vario VARIO50W Mirror
  26. Antonio Lupi Bespoke BSK50W Mirror
  27. Antonio Lupi Bespoke BSK210W54 Mirror
  28. Antonio Lupi PERIPLO Mirror
    As low as €608.00
  29. Antonio Lupi Skema SKEMA275 Wood burning thermo fireplace
  30. Antonio Lupi LUMEN RGB LED Showerhead
  31. Antonio Lupi IRIDE_IN Ceiling Mounted Showerhead
  32. Antonio Lupi ZENIT Ceiling Mounted Showerhead
    As low as €271.00