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"We feed on innovation. Standing still is a crime and is the wrong way to run a company. We are constantly looking for ideas, cues and contamination. Our goal is not to follow the evolution of fashions and design trends, but to anticipate them. I'd love to be followed". Andrea Lupi perfectly expresses what Antonio Lupi has been trying to create since 1969 by following a logic in the choice of high quality materials for its projects, capable of mixing abundance of details and design innovation for its bathroom furniture.

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Antonio Lupi is the brand that revolutionised the bathroom furnishing world. Its history began in the 1950s, when the visionary Antonio Lupi created a small artisan company specialising in working crystal and glass, which were transformed into mirrors, wall sconces and chandeliers. Products for bathroom furnishings were then produced under the name Cristal Lupi Luxor.

In 1969, Antonio Lupi and his brother Andrea wanted to establish continuous growth. They opened a new factory that transformed small artisan production into industrial production, with the aim of not following the evolution of design trends but anticipating them.

In the 1990s the company presented its first collection of washbasins and experienced a phase of significant growth, but the revolutionary idea came in 2002, with the presentation of the first Corian collection and the development of the 'total look' for the bathroom, a strong imprint that marked clear and concrete future goals.

Today the company is a solid reality where creativity, innovation and style are the fundamental principles of Antonio Lupi's bathroom furniture.

Antonio Lupi products are unique, for details and quality of materials. Washbasins, bathtubs and shower trays are made of innovative, resistant materials with a unique aesthetic and, above all, pleasant to the touch.

The company has been investing in research and innovation for years, in fact, in recent years, it has patented materials such as Flumood, composed of a matrix of aluminium hydroxide and synthetic resins with a low styrene content, which make each product ecological and extremely resistant. Another material used in the collections is Cristalmood, a resin as resistant as stone, as transparent as crystal, with coloured finishes that make each product unique and authentic.

The catalogue offers a wide range of products to meet the needs of all customers, especially those with sophisticated tastes. The bathroom, with Antonio Lupi's products, becomes a true atelier, and it is no coincidence that a collection designed by Marco Ferrarini has this name.

Some collections have products made of Carrara marble such as freestanding bathtubs like Eclipse, freestanding washbasins like Albume by Carlo Colombo and many others.

Tradition, however, is a fundamental characteristic that has never been neglected and can be found, for example, in the Il Bagno collection by Roberto Lazzeroni, with a minimalist design and retro aspects given above all by the use of natural materials.

Shower heads, wall mirrors and other accessories by Antonio Lupi make every bathroom authentic, elegant and trendy.

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  1. Antonio Lupi Albume ALBUME10+ALBUME20 Freestanding Basin
    As low as €2,743.00
  2. Antonio Lupi Albume ALBUME11+ALBUME20 Freestanding Basin
    As low as €2,743.00
  3. Antonio Lupi Albume ALBUME10+ALBUME21 Freestanding Basin
    As low as €5,628.00
  4. Antonio Lupi Albume ALBUME11+ALBUME21 Freestanding Basin
    As low as €5,628.00
  5. Antonio Lupi Bespoke KE1136 Right or left cabinet
  6. Antonio Lupi Bespoke KE1436 Right or left cabinet
  7. Antonio Lupi Bespoke KE1736 Right or left cabinet
  8. Antonio Lupi Bespoke KE2036 Right or left cabinet
  9. Antonio Lupi Bespoke KE3172 Cabinet
  10. Antonio Lupi Bespoke KE3472 Cabinet
  11. Antonio Lupi Bespoke BSK50W Mirror
  12. Antonio Lupi Bespoke BSK210W54 Mirror
  13. Antonio Lupi Canto Del Fuoco CANTOMC63 Single faced fireplace
  14. Antonio Lupi Canto Del Fuoco CANTOMC108 Single faced fireplace
  15. Antonio Lupi Canto Del Fuoco CANTOMC1144 Single faced fireplace
  16. Antonio Lupi Gessati GESSATI45 Countertop Basin
  17. Antonio Lupi Gessati GESSATI60 Countertop Basin
  18. Antonio Lupi Gessati GESSATI160 Countertop Basin
  19. Antonio Lupi Indigo ND301OL Single Lever Basin Faucet
    As low as €468.00
  20. Antonio Lupi Indigo ND301LU Single Lever Basin Faucet
    As low as €468.00
  21. Antonio Lupi Indigo ND200+ND20IN Wall Mounted Single Lever Basin Mixer + Recessed Part
    As low as €810.00
  22. Antonio Lupi Indigo ND702 Deck Mounted Bathtub Group
    As low as €1,033.00
  23. Antonio Lupi Indigo ND902+ND902IN Freestanding Single Lever Basin Mixer + Recessed Part
    As low as €2,046.00
  24. Antonio Lupi Indigo ND304 Single Lever Basin Mixer
  25. Antonio Lupi Indigo ND920 Wall Mounted Basin Faucet
    As low as €361.00
  26. Antonio Lupi Indigo ND905 Freestanding Basin Faucet
    As low as €1,306.00
  27. Antonio Lupi Indigo ND906 Freestanfing Bathtub Faucet
    As low as €1,273.00
  28. Antonio Lupi Indigo ND400 Single Lever Bidet Faucet
    As low as €475.00
  29. Antonio Lupi Indigo ND400LU Single Lever Bidet Faucet
    As low as €536.00
  30. Antonio Lupi Indigo ND601+ND601IN Single Lever Shower Mixer + Recessed Part
    As low as €382.00
  31. Antonio Lupi Indigo ND400OS Single Lever Bidet Faucet
    As low as €630.00
  32. Antonio Lupi Indigo ND604 Thermostatic Shower Mixer
    As low as €894.00
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