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Saunas consist of a dry, high-temperature steam bath that evaporates the skin's perspiration, so bathing is limited to 10-15 minutes at a time, but it is extremely useful for reducing daily stress and quickly recovering muscle energy, not to mention boosting the immune system. In addition, it has a detoxifying function for impurities, cleanses the epidermis in depth and helps improve cellulite blemishes.

If you're looking for a more intense experience, there are aromatherapy saunas that use high temperatures to burn herbs to create intoxicating fumes.
"The sauna ... It is the apotheosis of all experiences: purgatory and heaven; earth and fire; fire and water; sin and forgiveness." [Constance Malleson]

Aqadecor's experience in the field of designer bathroom furniture has enabled it to choose only the best of Made in Italy for its saunas, such as the Hafro Geromin and Jacuzzi brands.

  1. Jacuzzi SASHA-MI SMI-1036-2020 Sauna+Hammam+Emotional Shower
  2. Jacuzzi SASHA 9600-0012-9 Sauna+Hammam+Emotional Shower
  3. Jacuzzi SASHA 2.0 9600-0021-8 Sauna+Hammam+Emotional Shower
  4. Hafro Olimpo SET50031 Turkish Bath + Shower + Bathtub + Sauna
    As low as €35,654.00
  5. Hafro Ethos SET70107 Turkish Bath + Shower + Shower Area + Sauna
    As low as €33,083.00
  6. Hafro Ethos SET40097 Turkish Bath + Shower + Sauna
    As low as €30,952.00
  7. Hafro Ethos SET50064 Sauna + Shower Area
    As low as €19,503.00
  8. Hafro Ethos C SEC40034 Turkish Bath + Shower + Sauna
    As low as €18,935.00
  9. Hafro Ethos L SEL40011 Turkish Bath + Shower + Sauna
  10. Hafro Ghibli SGH10014 Sauna
    As low as €12,024.00
  11. Hafro Kalika SKA10014-1S006 Sauna
    As low as €13,952.00
  12. Hafro Cuna SCD50014-1S014 Sauna + Shower Area
    As low as €12,919.00
  13. Hafro Cuna SCU10016-1S003 Sauna
    As low as €8,431.00
  14. Hafro Talia STA10016-1S002 Sauna
    As low as €6,333.00
  15. Hafro Kyra SKY10016-1S005 Sauna
    As low as €5,757.00