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Faucets are fundamental accessories that define the style of bathroom and kitchen.

In the last years the technology of this category, has changed a simple object that delivers water in a real design element. It is difficult to decide what faucets are suitable for spaces and needs.

The choice must be based according to the quality of the materials that must make the product durable over time, design, functional and above all must guarantee hygiene and comfort.

Faucets: wide range of types for your every need

Aqadecor propose faucets for basin, shower, kitchen, bidet and bath, with models ranging from single lever to double lever faucets , for which you could choose single hole accessories (handles placed in the faucet) or with three holes (handles placed outside the faucet).

In the accessories of this category for the bath there are: set for the edge of the bath, waterfall spouts and freestanding faucets.

Faucets: brand of excellence

Aqadecor has products by Gessi, Cea and Zucchetti, all top brands in the sector, a guarantee of quality and strength of materials.

  1. Gessi Via Manzoni 38603 High Single Lever Basin Faucet
    As low as €378.00
  2. Gessi Via Manzoni 38607 Single Lever Bidet Faucet
    As low as €266.00
  3. Cea Design Milo360 MIL96 Bath/Shower Mixer
    As low as €611.00
  4. Cea Design Milo360 MIL19+INC01 Freestanding Bath Mixer + Recessed Part
    As low as €1,349.00
  5. Cea Design Ziqq ZIQ01+PTR01 Basin Mixer + Recessed Part
    As low as €1,075.00
  6. Cea Design Ziqq ZIQ07+PTR02 3 Holes Basin Mixer + Recessed Part
    As low as €1,061.00
  7. Cea Design Ziqq ZIQ32 Progressive Basin Mixer
    As low as €620.00
  8. Nicolazzi Classic Kitchen 1406_69 Sink Faucet
  9. Nicolazzi Classic Kitchen 1452_69 Folding Kitchen Faucet With Stop Cock
  10. Nicolazzi Classic Kitchen 1635_13 Single Faucet
  11. Nicolazzi Classic Kitchen 3407_75 Single Lever Sink Faucet With Swivel Spout
  12. Nicolazzi Moderno 4909_28+4910 Thermostatic Shower Faucet
  13. Nicolazzi Moderno 4914_28+4913 Thermostatic Shower Faucet
  14. Nicolazzi Classic Kitchen 1455_69 Sink Faucet
  15. Nicolazzi Classic Kitchen 1457_69 Sink Faucet
  16. Nicolazzi Classic 1477_69 Basin Faucet
  17. Nicolazzi Classic 1408_69 Basin Faucet
  18. Nicolazzi Classic 1419_34 Basin Faucet
  19. Nicolazzi Moderno 2203_87 Bath Group
  20. Nicolazzi Moderno 2202_87 Bath Group
  21. Nicolazzi Moderno 2207_87 Basin Faucet
  22. Nicolazzi Moderno 2208_87 Basin Faucet
  23. Nicolazzi Moderno 2236_87 Basin Faucet
  24. Nicolazzi Moderno 2237_87 Bidet Faucet
  25. Nicolazzi Moderno 2214_87 Edge Bath Group
  26. Nicolazzi Classic 1901_05 Bath Group
  27. Nicolazzi Classic 1903_05 Bath Group
  28. Nicolazzi Classic 1904_05 Edge Bath Group
  29. Nicolazzi Classic 1908_05 Basin Faucet
  30. Nicolazzi Teide dual lever single-hole washbasin tap 1932_CR_05
  31. Nicolazzi Moderno 1008_28 Basin Faucet
  32. Nicolazzi Moderno 3002_35 Single Lever Basin Faucet