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Suspended Basins

Suspended basins allow the bathroom to be decorated in a more classic and contemporary way. However, to fix them to the wall, it is necessary to respect the thickness of the wall where the basin is to be mounted. In the case of plasterboard walls, reinforcement work and the use of special plugs for fixing are required, and the maximum weight that a part can support must also be taken into count.

More classic yet contemporary design thanks to the materials used and the different shapes available, from ceramic to wood and from rectangular to conical shapes, perfect for those who require a typical style for their bathroom furniture. The suspended basins can also be accompanied by semi-columns to cover the otherwise visible wall drains. A fundamental feature is also the complete choice of height at which to mount your basin so that you can adapt it to any requirement.

Aqadecor's experience in the field of designer bathroom furniture has allowed it to choose only the best of Made in Italy for washbasins, such as the brands Agape, Antonio Lupi, Boffi, Cielo, Falper, Gessi, Artceram and Flaminia.

  1. Cielo Legiare LGLS wall mounted basin
  2. Cielo Mini Ball ORBLM wall-mounted urinal
  3. Cielo SHUI SHLAA Wall Mounted / Countertop Basin
    As low as €886.00
  4. Cielo SHUI SHFREEC Freestanding / Wall Mounted Basin
    As low as €1,393.00
  5. Cielo Opera OPLA52 wall mounted or countertop basin
  6. Cielo Opera OPC100 wall mounted or countertop basin
  7. Cielo SMILE SMLA48 Countertop / Semi-recessed / Wall Mounted Basin
    As low as €352.00
  8. Agape Bucatini ACER0740N Wall Mounted Basin
    As low as €831.00
  9. Agape Carrara ACER0730S Wall Mounted Basin
    As low as €3,525.00
  10. Agape Cheese ACER0710N Wall Mounted Basin
    As low as €804.00
  11. Agape Handwash ACER09940RZ Wall Mounted Basin
    As low as €971.00
  12. Agape Nivis ACER0763M0Z Wall Mounted Basin
    As low as €1,332.00
  13. Agape Novecento XL ACER10700R Wall Mounted Basin
    As low as €962.00
  14. Agape Ottocento ACER07660R Wall Mounted Basin
    As low as €1,508.00
  15. Flaminia Miniwash MWL48 Countertop / Suspended Basin
  16. Flaminia Dip DP481 Countertop/Suspended Basin
  17. Flaminia DP482 Countertop/Suspended Basin
  18. Flaminia Nuda 5081 Countertop/Suspended Basin
  19. Flaminia Nuda 5082 Countertop/Suspended Basin
  20. Flaminia Plate PT54L Suspended Basin
  21. Flaminia Plate PT64L Suspended Basin
  22. Flaminia VD60L Countertop / Suspended Basin
  23. Flaminia Void VD44L Countertop / Suspended Basin
  24. Cielo Sella Vanity basin composition
  25. Flaminia Madre MA95L Countertop / Suspended / On Column Basin
  26. Flaminia Nuda ND60L Countertop/Suspended Basin
  27. Flaminia Nuda ND60PR Countertop/Suspended Basin
  28. Flaminia Nuda ND75L Countertop/Suspended Basin
  29. Flaminia Nuda ND75PR Countertop/Suspended Basin
  30. Flaminia Nuda ND120L Suspended Basin
  31. Flaminia Bloom BM70L Suspended Basin
  32. Flaminia Bloom BM85L Suspended Basin