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It was 1934 when Piero Boffi founded his company. Thanks to the evolution of taste, technology and a sophisticated photographic catalog Boffi has managed to assert itself at high levels for over 80 years. Under the directives of three artistic directors such as: Luigi Massoni, Antonio Citterio and Piero Lissoni in these years have managed to set a new artistic language given by their collections and cult pieces. Today Boffi is constantly looking for new technologies and new design ideas, in fact in 2015 the company in order to have a complete vision for the innovation of home furnishings integrates De Padova, a point of reference in the furniture made in Italy.

Boffi's product line includes: Basin Faucets, Bathtub Faucets, Bidet Faucets, Shower Faucets, Countertop Basins, Suspended Basins, Recessed Basins, Bathtubs, Shower Columns, Shower Heads, Towel Holders, Mirrors. The most iconic series are: Cut, Liquid, Wings and Minimal.

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  1. Boffi Cut RECT05 Single-Lever Shower Faucet
  2. Boffi Cut RECT07 Bath Group
  3. Boffi Cut RECT01 Single-Lever Basin Faucet
  4. Boffi Liquid RESL09 Edge Bath Group
  5. Boffi Liquid RESL07E Bath Group + RESL07I Recessed Part
  6. Boffi Liquid RFSL01 Showerhead
  7. Boffi Liquid RESL17 Bath Group
  8. Boffi Liquid RISL04 Basin Faucet
  9. Boffi Liquid RISL06 Single-Lever Bath Faucet
  10. Boffi Liquid RESL15 Single-Lever Basin Faucet
  11. Boffi Liquid RESL14 Single-Lever Faucet
  12. Boffi Liquid RESL12 Basin Faucet
  13. Boffi Liquid RGSL07 Pair of Basin/Shower Faucets
  14. Boffi Wings RFNS02 Showerhead
  15. Boffi Wings RFNS01 Couple of Showerheads
  16. Boffi Wings RINS15 Basin Faucet
  17. Boffi Wings RINS09 Basin Faucet
  18. Boffi Minimal RGDM10 Edge-Bath Group
  19. Boffi Minimal RGDM09 Edge-Bath Group
  20. Boffi Minimal RRDM10 Hydrobrush
  21. Boffi Minimal RJDM01 Wall Mounted Hand Shower
  22. Boffi Minimal RFDM01 Single-Lever Shower Faucet
  23. Boffi Minimal RIDM05 Showerhead
  24. Boffi Minimal RIDM05 Single-Lever Bath Faucet
  25. Boffi Minimal RIDM09 Single-Lever Basin Faucet
  26. Boffi Minimal RIDM08 Single-Lever Bath Faucet
  27. Boffi Minimal RIDM02 Single-Lever Bath Faucet
  28. Boffi Minimal RIDM04 Single-Lever Basin Faucet
  29. Boffi Minimal REDM03 Single-Lever Basin/Shower Faucet
  30. Boffi Minimal REDM08 Single-Lever Basin Faucet
  31. Boffi Minimal RGDM08E Couple of Wall Mounted Faucets + RGDM08I Recessed Part
  32. Boffi Minimal REDM02 Single-Lever Basin/Bidet Faucet
Grid List

Items 1-32 of 107

Set Descending Direction