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Recessed Basins

Recessed basins are extremely practical to use and very aesthetically pleasing: elegant, practical and functional, they are perfect if installed in a colour contrast to the accompanying furniture. An alternative proposal to the recessed basin types is the semi-recessed basin in which the bowl protrudes a little from the edge of the cabinet. Aesthetically, a good effect is achieved through this creative and unusual solution, so as to have a modern and sophisticated style.

Round, oval, rectangular, semi-recessed in the wall, recessed basins are able to meet even the most demanding requirements, both in terms of style with their various shapes, and in terms of space thanks to their adaptation to any type of wall or top.

On Aqadecor a wide selection of the best Made in Italy brands of sink taps in available, including Agape, Antonio Lupi, Boffi, Cielo e Flaminia.

  1. Cielo SMILE SMLA48 Countertop / Semi-recessed / Wall Mounted Basin
    As low as €352.00
  2. Antonio Lupi BATTIGIA Recessed Wall Mounted Basin
    As low as €2,649.00
  3. Antonio Lupi Battigia BATTIGIAM Recessed Wall Mounted Basin
    As low as €3,004.00
  4. Antonio Lupi Strappo STRAPPOXL Recessed Basin
    As low as €3,338.00
  5. Agape In-Out ACER1061SZ Semi-recessed
  6. Agape Spoon ACER0700IZ Semi-Recessed Basin
  7. Agape Spoon XL ACER0713IZ Semi-Recessed Basin
  8. Agape Raso ACER0810Z Recessed basin
  9. Cielo Enjoy EJLASIQ semi-recessed squared basin
  10. Flaminia Io IO4260 Recessed Basin
  11. Antonio Lupi Servoretto RETTOMOOD50 Countertop / Recessed Basin
    As low as €453.00
  12. Antonio Lupi Strappo Recessed Basin
    As low as €2,910.00
  13. Flaminia Acquagrande 5051/INC Recessed Basin
  14. Flaminia Acquagrande 5052/INC Recessed Basin
  15. Flaminia Acquagrande 5053 Semi-recessed Basin
  16. Antonio Lupi Silenzio Recessed Basin
    As low as €4,913.00
  17. Flaminia Twin 5054 Semi-recessed Basin
  18. Flaminia Twin 5055 Recessed Basin
  19. Flaminia Twin 5054/42 Semi-recessed Basin
  20. Flaminia Twin 5055/42 Recessed Basin
  21. Flaminia Twin 5055/42C Recessed Basin
  22. Flaminia Twin 5057 Undertop Basin
  23. Antonio Lupi Soffio Recessed Basin
    As low as €3,060.00
  24. Cielo SMILE SMLA75 Countertop / Semi-recessed / Wall Mounted Basin with Shelf
    As low as €497.00
  25. Cielo SMILE SMLA100 Countertop / Semi-recessed / Wall Mounted Basin
    As low as €597.00
  26. Cielo AMEDEO AMLA45 countertop or semi-recessed basin
  27. Cielo AMEDEO AMLA65 countertop or semi-recessed basin
  28. Flaminia Nile NL62INC Recessed Basin
  29. Flaminia Roll RL44S Semi-recessed Basin
  30. Flaminia Roll RL56S Semi-recessed Basin
  31. Flaminia Una UNA75L Semi-recessed Basin
  32. Flaminia Una UNA90L Semi-recessed Basin