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Bathroom Furniture

Matching the design of sanitary ware with bathroom furniture is not easy, because you have to match design and functionality according to the space available. Whether it's a wall unit, a pedestal unit or a composition with a basin, the choice must be made on the basis of small factors that make your purchase appropriate and in line with your bathroom.

Today's bathroom furniture is created by combining matt or glossy colours with materials such as stone, marble and wood.
The difference between floor-standing and suspended furniture is also crucial, with the former giving a touch of metallic design from the feet that support the furniture, while the latter gives the bathroom a sense of lightness, ease and airiness.

Floor standing furniture has a much more classic style but is still used in contemporary designs because it offers a large storage capacity and the addition of drawers, shelves or doors. They also give a sense of sturdiness, and if your priority is to use as much space as possible in your bathroom, a floor-standing unit is just what you need.

Aqadecor's experience in the field of designer bathroom furniture has allowed us to choose only the best of Made in Italy for bathroom furniture, such as the Antonio Lupi, Cielo and Flaminia brands.

  1. Cielo Elle Tonda Composition
  2. Cielo ELLE TONDA 2 Tonda Composition
  3. Cielo PLINIO Composition
  4. Flaminia Box BX304R Suspended Cabinet
  5. Flaminia Box BX992 Basin Cabinet
  6. Flaminia Box BX994 Basin Cabinet
  7. Flaminia Box BX968 Basin Cabinet
  8. Flaminia Box BX810 Basin Cabinet
  9. Flaminia Box BX822 Basin Cabinet
  10. Flaminia Box BX944 Basin Cabinet
  11. Flaminia Box BX834 Basin Cabinet
  12. Flaminia Box BX814 Basin Cabinet
  13. Flaminia Box BX826 Basin Cabinet
  14. Flaminia Box BX838 Basin Cabinet
  15. Flaminia Box BX948 Basin Cabinet
  16. Flaminia Box BX993 Basin Cabinet
  17. Flaminia Box BX995 Basin Cabinet
  18. Flaminia Box BX969 Basin Cabinet
  19. Flaminia Box BX811 Basin Cabinet
  20. Flaminia Box BX823 Basin Cabinet
  21. Flaminia Box BX835 Basin Cabinet
  22. Flaminia Box BX945 Basin Cabinet
  23. Flaminia Box BX815 Basin Cabinet
  24. Flaminia Box BX827 Basin Cabinet
  25. Flaminia Box BX839 Basin Cabinet
  26. Cielo Catino Ovale basin composition
  27. Flaminia Volo VL66M Basin Structure
  28. Flaminia Volo VL52M Basin Structure
  29. Cabinet Composition BESPOKE_4 By Antonio Lupi

    From €706.00 Regular Price €1,804.00

    To €12,886.00

  30. Cabinet Composition BEMADE_9 by Antonio Lupi

    From €727.00 Regular Price €1,544.00

    To €4,027.00

  31. Cabinet Composition BESPOKE_5 by Antonio Lupi

    From €142.00 Regular Price €974.00

    To €4,391.00

  32. Cabinet Composition PANTA_REI_7 by Antonio Lupi

    From €2,205.00 Regular Price €3,149.00

    To €5,354.00