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Shelves and Wall Units

Shelves and wall units are the most common elements used to decorate walls in both living areas and bathrooms.
It is difficult to find the style adopted in your bathroom, but thanks to the various styles, shapes and details, the shelves and wall units sold on Acquadecor will be able to satisfy the most varied requests.

The shelves suitable for a more classic style are the wooden shelves: natural colours, so as to create a cosy and simple environment.
For a more modern style, glass shelves are perfect to give a touch of elegance to the environment.

The wall unit is a very small bathroom cabinet. Thanks to this feature it is preferred over bathroom furnitures and is installed on the wall vertically or horizontally so as to optimise all possible space.
Here too we have a wide choice of materials adaptable to all the design styles we have in our bathrooms: wooden wall units, classic, retro, but consistent with bathroom environments made in several colours; metal wall units, suitable for those who want to create contrast with the other elements in their bathroom; glass wall units, light and more delicate to the eye, perfect for minimal or contemporary designs.

Aqadecor's experience in the field of designer bathroom furniture has allowed it to choose only the best of Made in Italy for bathroom furniture, such as the Antonio Lupi, Gessi and Flaminia brands.

  1. Flaminia Box BX211R Suspended Wall Unit
  2. Gessi Rettangolo Accessories 20861 Bath/Shower Shelf
    As low as €335.00
  3. Gessi Rettangolo Accessories 20947 Shelf
    As low as €323.00
  4. Gessi Rettangolo Accessories 20949 Shelf
    As low as €415.00
  5. Gessi Rettangolo Accessories 20950 Shelf
    As low as €568.00
  6. Gessi Rettangolo Accessories 20945 Shelf
    As low as €412.00
  7. Gessi Rilievo Accessories 59549 Shelf
    As low as €315.00
  8. Gessi Rilievo Accessories 59561 Bath/Shower Shelf
    As low as €256.00
  9. Gessi Cono Accessories 45547 Shower Shelf
    As low as €318.00
  10. Falper R10_30 Column With 1 Door
    As low as €846.00
  11. Antonio Lupi Beskope KE1136 Right or left cabinet
  12. Antonio Lupi Beskope KE1436 Right or left cabinet
  13. Antonio Lupi Beskope KE2036 Right or left cabinet
  14. Antonio Lupi Beskope KE3172 Cabinet
  15. Antonio Lupi Beskope KE3472 Cabinet