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It was 1929 when Alfredo Zucchetti founded a small foundry in Valduggia (VC). Today Zucchetti has 2 production plants with 35,000 square metres of covered space, 200 employees and 600,000 items produced per year.
All this thanks to innovation, design and quality, all characteristics that have become fundamental pillars for the company.
After achieving extraordinary results in Italy and Europe, Zucchetti also turned its attention to Asia and the United States, opening a branch in China in 2005 and in the United States of America in 2010, becoming a spokesman for "Made in Italy" products overseas. In 2007 Zucchetti revolutionized the company once again by acquiring the Kos brand, a leading manufacturer of high-level bathtubs and shower enclosures, giving birth to Zucchetti. Kos.

The Zucchetti. Kos product line includes: Bath Faucets, Bidet Faucets, Shower Column, Showerheads, Bathtubs. The most iconic series are: Aguablu, Agorà, Savoir, Bellagio.

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  1. Zucchetti Jingle ZIN102 exposed single lever bath-shower ZIN102
  2. Zucchetti Pan ZP6181 Exposed single lever bath-shower mixer
  3. Zucchetti Pan ZP6622+R99676 Free standing single lever bath mixer
  4. Zucchetti Shower Z94142 Stainless steel shower head
  5. Zucchetti Isystick ZP1096+R97800 recessed single lever bath-shower faucet
  6. Zucchetti Bellagio ZB1441 4 hole bath-faucet
  7. Zucchetti Bellagio ZB2441 4 hole bath-faucet
  8. Zucchetti Bellagio ZB1481 4 hole bath-faucet
  9. Zucchetti Bellagio ZB2481 4 hole bath-faucet
  10. Zucchetti Bellagio ZP3612+R99614 recessed single lever bath-shower faucet
  11. Zucchetti Bellagio ZP3096+R97800 recessed single lever bath-shower faucet
  12. Zucchetti Aguablu ZA5741+R99503 recessed bidet faucet
  13. Zucchetti Aguablu ZA5470 5 hole bath-faucet
  14. Zucchetti Aguablu ZA5695+R99508 3 hole recessed bath-shower faucet
  15. Zucchetti Agorà ZAG370 Mixers 3 hole bidet faucet
  16. Zucchetti Agorà ZAG264 single hole bidet faucet
  17. Zucchetti Agorà ZAG364 Mixers single hole bidet faucet
  18. Zucchetti Agorà ZAG605 single hole bidet faucet
  19. Zucchetti Agorà ZAG254 exposed bath-shower faucet
  20. Zucchetti Agorà ZAG695+R99508 recessed bath-shower faucet
  21. Zucchetti Agorà ZAG486 4 hole bath faucet
  22. Zucchetti Agorà ZAG278 freestanding bath faucet
  23. Zucchetti Agorà ZAG860 shower column
  24. Zucchetti Agorà ZAG865 shower column with exposed thermostatic faucet
  25. Zucchetti Agorà Classic ZAL370 3 hole bidet faucet
  26. Zucchetti Agorà Classic ZAM370 3 hole bidet faucet
  27. Zucchetti Agorà Classic ZAL254 exposed bath-shower faucet
  28. Zucchetti Agorà Classic ZAM254 exposed bath-shower faucet
  29. Zucchetti Agorà Classic ZAL486 4 hole bath-faucet
  30. Zucchetti Agorà Classic ZAM486 4 hole bath-faucet
  31. Zucchetti Agorà Classic ZAL278 freestanding bath faucet
  32. Zucchetti Agorà Classic ZAM278 freestanding bath faucet