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Infiniti is a young brand, born in 2008, but it proposes furnishing complements that are already avant-garde and with a design suitable for every situation: working; domestic; relaxing; socialising. Creativity, innovation and design-thinking are key concepts adopted since the opening of the company.
Designed for every need, Infiniti offers furniture accessories such as chairs, stools, tables, sofas, all created to meet the needs of contemporary life.

The infniti product line includes: Tables. The most iconic series are: MAT, Next Table, Record.

Check out all the infiniti collections on Aqadecor, if you can't find the product of your dreams, don't hesitate to contact us and request a custom quote.

  1. Infiniti Design LANDING, table in MDF
  2. Infiniti Design DUEPERDUE, table living
  3. Infiniti Design Next Table ROUND, table
  4. Infiniti Design Next Table NEXT SQUARE, table
  5. Infiniti Design Next Table NEXT MAXI, table
  6. Infiniti Design Next Table Q Tables table NEXT MAXI Q
  7. Infiniti Design MAT, table
  8. Infiniti Design Record Living RECORD, table