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Gessi, is a leader company of bathroom furniture and Private Wellness sector, with 20 years of Made in Italy tradition.

In 1992, it started as a small workshop with clear ideas for a future growth.

His CEO, Eusebio Gualino, counted on the talent of his human resources that he considered and still considers, the spark of innovation. For Gaulino, in fact, the real added value of a company does not come from the size or from the comparative advantage over the prices of products, but from the competitive advantage given by man.

Gessi has created, in a very short time, an industrial reality of first importance, international point of reference for design and technology.

The company follows the principles of production with very low environmental impact, in fact its factory of about 800 thousand square meters, combines technology, eco-architecture and landscape, protecting, 100% the environment and the wellness of its workers.

The company offers a wide range of products that differ in elegance, refinement and quality of materials but also for the simplicity of the products, with a minimal design, such as Rettangolo line by Prospero Rasulo, or with an industrial design with the collection Inciso by David Rockwell.

Faucets, basins, shower systems, sanitaries, traditional baths and whirlpool ones, sinks and various accessories, are the main products of Gessi that embellish the environment.

Many items can be customized, thanks to the presence of a wide range of finishes that give a unique touch to each product.

The Steel is a predominant material especially in the 316 collection where, a cold element, changes with new colors and finishes of contemporary charm.

In Gessi world, Private Wellness gives to its customers the wellness, through the creation of a real SPA in the home, in fact, the company is recognized, globally, as "designer of water" thanks to the offer of products that supply water in a different way, combining it with air and light.

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