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It is important to relax after a busy day: for this reason, to immerse yourself in water becomes a ritual to forget about your problems.

The bath, must be right for our needs and for the spaces where it is placed. Aqadecor has a lot of types of this product that differ in size (small, medium and large), composition of materials, shapes and finishes.

Baths: which choose

The most popular type of bath is the freestanding one, a model of bath that can be placed anywhere in the bathroom. The shapes are oval, circular or rectangular and lines gives life to uniform shapes with curved contours.

Another type, always used during the years, is the recessed bath with almost always a rectangular shape, where it is possible to find differences in heights and lengths that makes capacious this type of product. These baths can have a double function because they are used as showers, thanks to the installation of a glass door that transforms them, in fact, with this combination, the customer can have two products in a single solution.

To satisfy the most demanding customers in terms of relax and wellness, Aqadecor has whirlpool bathtubs with highly technological systems that give to the body, benefit and relax.

Baths: best brands

The baths by Antonio Lupi, Gessi and Cielo, are synonymous with quality materials, attention to detail, sophistication and elegance. You can find these brands on our website with all the latest collections.